Why Lea may start refusing photo requests from fans


Posted at Mar 20 2017 03:46 PM


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MANILA – Lea Salonga may just start refusing photo requests from her fans.

The “The Voice of the Philippines” coach made this statement in a series of posts on Twitter Monday as she narrated how some of her fans made her daughter Nicole cry.

“Let me get this off my chest. There were some fans who yesterday approached my daughter. Afterwards she ran back to me in tears, scared,” she wrote.

Salonga said she always tries to be accommodating to her supporters “but when you mess with my kid and make her cry, you've messed with me. And you do not want to see me angry.”

Because of what happened, Salonga said she would not blame her daughter if she develops hatred for fans.

“On behalf of all artists, please respect our personal space and boundaries. I may have to start refusing photo requests from fans now. Thanks a lot, you guys. I hope you're proud of what you've done,” she said.

Nicole is Salonga’s only child with husband Robert Chien.