How Heart got over insecurities about her looks


Posted at Mar 20 2014 06:49 PM | Updated as of Mar 21 2014 03:22 AM

MANILA – Actress Heart Evangelista admitted she used to be insecure about some aspects of her looks, back when she was starting out in the local entertainment industry.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine where she appears on the cover, Evangelista said she used to starve herself to become thin.

“For the longest time, to be honest, I was insecure about being chinita. Sure, coming in, that was my selling point, but during the time I started, mestizas were all the rage. It was so hard for me to fit in. When I got over that, I started obsessing about my height. I’m just 5’2, that’s not tall enough. After I got over that, I found something else to obsess about. I used to starve myself to become thin,” she said.

The former Kapamilya actress went on to share that her previous relationships added to her insecurities.

“I used to have a boyfriend who’d tell me I was fat. I realized, partly, that it was my fault. The fact is, I asked him for his opinion. Conscious ka, eh, when you should just be confident. Mali. If I wanted to lose weight, I should have done it for myself. Before, my boyfriends’ validation, how they wanted me to look, was so important to me, and it ate me up inside. But if you think about it, they fell in love with the person I was,” she explained.

Evangelista said she eventually learned be comfortable in her own skin thanks partly to her boyfriend, Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero.

“I just feel so adored, so loved and appreciated. I can do no wrong in his eyes. It’s nice to be with someone like that,” she said.

The actress also credited Escudero for helping her become more independent.

“I do my groceries, I go to the bank, do my taxes and all those things I’ve never had to worry about before. It was really hard in the beginning. I had a tantrum when Chiz forced me to go to the bank so I’d learn about post-dated checks, time deposits and the money market. The hardest thing is, I feel so dumb most of the time. Chiz would explain to me a contract that I needed to sign and I’d have to ask him to explain it to me again and again. He would ignore me when I cried, so I learned to be a bit responsible,” she said.