Pops: Jomari-Martin word war unexpected


Posted at Mar 17 2009 01:29 PM | Updated as of Mar 17 2009 09:29 PM

Singer-actress Pops Fernandez is “shocked” by the word war between exes Jomari Yllana and Martin Nievera.

Fresh from her short vacation on Panglao Island, Bohol, Fernandez said she is hurting to find estranged husband Nievera and former boyfriend Yllana involved in a verbal tussle.

"I don't want to say (anything) actually kasi parang ayaw ko na rin siyang lumaki at hindi na dapat lumaki pa kaya nga isa lang 'yong statement na ginawa ko. ... after the break-up (dapat) respetuhin natin 'yong mga taong involved," Fernandez told “SNN: Showbiz News Ngayon.”

She said she hopes that the exchange of words between Nievera and Yllana would end as she pointed out that the three of them had a good working relationship.  

Yllana was the producer of Fernandez and Nievera’s “Missing You” concert at the Araneta Coliseum on February 6.

"Nag-umpisa kami na okay naman 'yong pagsasamahan namin. Noong nagtrabaho kami okay na okay 'yon, parang hindi maganda 'yong ending. It is something unexpected… sana huwag na din palakihin," she said.

Fernandez said she understands where Nievera, the father of her two kids, is coming from. She, however, echoed Yllana’s sentiment that her former husband should have not commented on her break-up with the young actor.   

"In all honesty, hindi naman kailangan talaga siyang mag-comment but because siguro he chose to be a friend he decided to say something," she said.

Fernandez said she also understands Yllana’s reactions on Nievera’s statement.

"I guess because siguro mainit pa ang isyu at kumbaga kaka-break lang naman namin ang hirap hirap kasi. So, parang siguro nga he is going through something, siguro nagpatong-patong," Fernandez said.

Shortly after Fernandez and Yllana confirmed their break-up, Nievera was quoted as saying that he would not want to work again with Yllana because the latter had hurt her former wife.   

Yllana, for his part, called Nievera a “hypocrite” as he slammed the singer for meddling in their affairs.

He also reminded Nievera that he lost Fernandez “because of you and who you are.”

He added that he respected Nievera’s decision not to work with him again.

Yllana also maintained that, in deference to his almost four-year relationship with Fernandez, he “would rather remember the beautiful memories we shared than make a big circus out of the break-up.”

Reacting to Yllana’s statement, Nievera agreed with the young actor. 

“He is right, no one should be commenting on their break-up. So, let's just tell them to tell us what they want us to know and respect their privacy," Nievera said, adding:

"Besides, he didn't breakup with me, right? Well, then, maybe he should be the one defending Pops on TV instead of me.”

Fernandez, meanwhile, said she has no plans to act as mediator between Nievera and Yllana.