Remember Tom Taus? Look at him now


Posted at Mar 11 2014 12:41 PM | Updated as of Mar 11 2014 09:07 PM

Tom Taus is now a DJ and will be featured at 71 Gramercy and Prive on March 15. Photo from Tom Taus' Facebook page

MANILA – Former child actor Tom Taus is back in the Philippines 14 years after leaving the country to migrate to the United States.

In an exclusive interview with entertainment site, Taus, who left the Philippines when he was 13, revealed that he will be staying in the country for a while but only for a vacation.

“It feels pretty good. The main thing is that I'm happy to see my family again. My dad lives here now, because he used to live with us in the States and now he moved back here, so it's good to see my dad again and also my uncle, aunt and everybody. I’m going to be here for a month or two, so it's going to be a long vacation” he said.

Although he misses the Philippines, Taus said he does not regret migrating in the United States even if it meant giving up his showbiz career.

“It was a family decision actually, my decision also because I could have stayed behind but I wanted to have a different life, go to school and try to do other stuff, you know, other than acting,” he said.

Taus has been making a name for himself in Hollywood as a DJ. At 27, Taus is now known as "DJ Tommy T" to Los Angeles club crowd. He and his sister, former actress Antoinette Taus, also own an entertainment company.

“I’m pretty fortunate actually that I am able to do what I love, and to be out there, and you know, make money while I’m doing what I want to do. So it's pretty good because I’m doing Hollywood, L.A., and Vegas and right now slowly but surely I'm getting up there,” he said.

But this is not to say that he never missed showbiz.

“Honestly, nakaka-miss din, you know working and also the fans. I always have a really, really good support from my fans so that's what I miss, the love that I get. Also, you know, working in the industry also is a different feeling, but I love what I do now,” he underscored.

Asked if he is still in touch with his batchmates in the kiddie show “Ang TV” like Camille Prats, John Prats and Carlo Aquino, Taus quipped: “I haven’t spoken with them in a long time. I’m more in connection with my high school friends, my barkada there. In terms of showbiz not really, I don't know why.”

Although he has already changed his career path, Taus said he is still grateful that many of his supporters still make him feel loved even when he’s in the Untied States.

“I just want to say thank you for all the support and for all the love I've been getting even until now online and I just want to say that you guys are really talented, you have a lot of potential so whatever you are working on, you know, whatever your dreams are, just keep on working hard. I’m sure it will happen for you,” he said.