'Pretty Little Liars' star tries durian

By Shiela Reyes, ABS-CBNnews.com

Posted at Feb 27 2013 09:11 PM | Updated as of Feb 28 2013 10:52 PM

"Pretty Little Liars" star Troian Bellisario

MANILA – Known for her role as Spencer Hastings, an extremely well-off, intelligent and competitive but caring girl, “Pretty Little Liars” (PLL) star Troian Bellisario said what viewers see on television isn't really far from who she is in real life.

Currently in the Philippines with boyfriend Patrick J. Adams, Troian faced the entertainment press on Wednesday to share what she is up to during their brief stay in the country.

Troian said when Adams told her about their Philippine trip, she thought: “Who’s gonna pass up on a trip where you’ll see something new?”

The actress, who doesn't eat meat, shared that she has already tried eating 2 Filipino fruits.

“I have been very adventurous that I tried durian. I was so thrilled that it tastes better than it smells... I said I’m going to eat the durian. I tasted it, it wasn’t terrible. It was really good. It was like a cheese fruit,” she said.

Aside from durian, Troian revealed that she and Adams  had Philippine mangoes on their first day in the country.

“I’ve been eating mangoes since I got here. It’s a bad thing because I got addicted to dried mangoes back home. When I got here, there was a bowl of dried mangoes, I ate it and I was the happiest girl and like an hour later, I’m crying on the bed, my stomach is killing me,” she said.

Troian said she and Adams also plan to take go to a beach in the coming days.

“I’ve heard about awesome things. They told me that the fans are amazing, which is really cool. They said I’m gonna have a blast. There’s beautiful beaches to see, the people are warm and kind and that it’s just a place that I couldn’t miss that’s why I am here,” she said.

‘PLL’ and her role as Spencer

Troian also discussed her similarities with her “PLL” character Spencer.

“We have a lot of similarties. I am definitely an anxious person like Spencer, and I’m a bit perfectionist. We both care immensely for our friends. I think the main difference about Spencer and I is just kind of a life experiences,” she said.

Troian said playing Spencer actually makes her look back at her younger years.

“I was very much like Spencer when I was in high school, super academic, freaked out in everything. It’s really fun to play Spencer because it’s like going back, looking back in who I was in a sense. She’s like a little younger of version of me,” she shared.

But while saying that she and Spencer have similar personalities, Troian said they are not quite the same when it comes to fashion.

“I really love Spencer’s clothing. She’s very much like a classic American. But I don’t really dress up as much as Spencer does. I’m much more of a casual, ripped stockings and a punk t-shirt. I like to be comfortable and Spencer’s clothes are definitely not comfortable. But I do love the style,” she said.

Relationship with Adams

Meanwhile, Troian also talked about her personal relationship with Adams, who stars in the American legal drama “Suits.”

The 27-year old actress said she feels fortunate that she and Adams understand the demands and nature of their jobs.

“We are both very fortunate that we fell in love before we got our shows and so the coolest thing about being in a relationship with him is that I’ve got to see – and he’s got to see – what this roller coaster is like,” she said.

Noting that she is also a fan of “Suits,” Troian said: “We’re both there for each other that’s not competitive.”

Troian also said she does not really get jealous of actress Meghan Markle, who is Adam’s on-screen love interest.

“I think we joke about it a lot. I think it’s great because when you are dating an actor, he understands that it’s a job. I think it’s definitely not the most pleasurable thing to do when I watch his romantic scenes but the good thing is that I do love Meghan Markle, she’s a sweetheart. If you’re gonna play in love with somebody, what better person could you ask for than her? She’s a lovely human being, so beautiful and really kind. Until he has a love interest that I don’t like, I don’t know what I’m gonna do about that,” she explained.