How Iza, British boyfriend handle cultural differences


Posted at Feb 24 2014 04:16 PM | Updated as of Feb 25 2014 12:57 AM

Iza Calzado and boyfriend Ben Wintle. Photo grabbed from Iza's instagram page

MANILA -- It was actress Iza Calzado who first asked British-Filipino boyfriend Ben Wintle if they are already a couple.

Appearing on the morning show "KrisTV" on Monday, Calzado opened up about her boyfriend of two years.

She recalled that she had her first date with Wintle, an entrepreneur, sportsman and co-founder of a match-making website, in October and were already exclusively dating.

"By January, we had trip in Hong Kong and I was asking him, 'Are we boyfriend and girlfriend?' because I couldn't understand. We are obviously exclusively dating then he said, 'Yes.' Then I said, 'Really? Because you know from where I come from the guy has to ask to the girl.' He didn't know," Calzado told host Kris Aquino.

"We had a very serious discussion about that. Then eventually he asked na lang for formality. So 'yun," she added.

Although Wintle is half-Filipino, she said her boyfriend is more British, especially when it comes to romantic gestures.

"Hindi niya alam na kailangan mong tanungin, kailangan mong mag-express na 'Will you be my girlfriend' or whatever. 'Yung Valentine's, di niya alam sini-celebrate. He never had a relationship na more than one year because he's always travelling," Calzado explained.

"The Biggest Loser" host admitted that their cultural differences played a big factor in their relationship and that they had to take time to get to know each other.

"Actually marami kaming ganoon (dati) because of miscommunication, misunderstandings, minsan big things, minsan small things. You just have to talk about it. Because the British people, they tend to say cheeky things, parang you bite your tongue minsan. May pagka-tactless na, may pagka-candid, or he will say something and I will take offense. But he didn't mean anything offensive by it, pero ang interpretation ko offensive siya," Calzado admitted.

Because of this, Calzado has learned that the key to a successful relationship is knowing how to give and take. "You have to meet halfway," she said.