Psy consults experts about 'Gangnam' phenomenon

By Shiela Reyes,

Posted at Feb 17 2013 09:30 PM | Updated as of Feb 18 2013 07:50 AM

South Korean rapper Psy

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – Korean pop star Park-Jae Sang, more popularly known as Psy, said he has consulted experts to determine why his most recent single “Gangnam Style” has become a worldwide hit.

He admitted having a hard time looking for a dance craze that will compare or even exceed the "horsey dance."

In an exclusive interview with ABS-CBN News’ Korina Sanchez after his Manila concert on Saturday, Psy said he himself cannot comprehend what it is with “Gangnam Style” that made it a phenomenon.

“I asked some psychologists...and I'm waiting for the result. Maybe this song, this dance move, or this video has some kind of, some frequency. I really want to figure out and analyze the factor, the reason why this song is so [in demand], especially for the babies,” he said.

Set to release his newest single in April, Psy said he and his crew have been trying to look for a new dance move that would also capture everyone’s hearts.

“I'm preparing a new single and it is going to be released sometime in April this year. I've been digging alternative moves that can replace the horsey. I've been digging for two months but we have never found it yet,” he said.

Psy said he never thought he would be able to tour the world because of “Gangnam Style.”

“I've been doing ‘Gangnam Style’ for eight months now since it's released. It's really funny because with that kind of frequent flight, everything [is the] same. The country is different, the city is different but it's all the same from the airport, to the hotel to the venue to the airport,” he said.

According to the South Korean rapper, he sometimes feels overwhelmed that he’s flying from one country to another - more frequently than a stewardess - all because of a song.

“This year, I've traveled from America, to Korea, to Shanghai, to Korea, to America, to Brazil, to Malaysia, to Korea and now in the Philippines and I go back to Korea tomorrow… I never had any couple of weeks vacation,” he said.

First uploaded last July on YouTube, the music video of "Gangnam Style" now has the most number of views on the video-sharing site.

It became the first video to hit a billion views on YouTube last December, marking a milestone for the South Korean rapper and his horse-riding dance.

Owing to its music video's viral spread online, "Gangnam Style" has also become a cultural phenomenon, spawning countless parodies from different parts of the world.

“A lot of people call this song as a phenomenon, not a success. Success, I can make it by myself. But phenomenon is made by people,” he said.