What Michela Cazzola loves about James Yap


Posted at Feb 16 2014 07:06 PM | Updated as of Feb 17 2014 03:06 AM

James Yap and his girlfriend, Michela Cazzola

MANILA – James Yap’s girlfriend, Michela Cazzola, has already learned to adjust to the popularity of the basketball superstar.

“My friends are saying that it’s hard to stay with somebody who is popular. I always say, ‘Actually, it’s much easier because a normal person can do whatever he wants and nobody will mind. But somebody who is popular should be 300 times more careful,'” she told Philippine Star editor Ricky Lo in an interview last February 11 but which was published only on Sunday

Cazzola also lauded the San Mig Coffee Mixers cager, saying she loves how Yap remains grounded despite his fame.

“He’s so normal. So easy to be with. So nice even if he’s so quiet,” she said.

While admitting that they have some cultural differences, Cazzola said helps that they are both family-oriented.

“There’s a few but nothing major… A little bit different although like Filipinos, we Italians are family-oriented. Like James, I’m Catholic,” she said.

Cazzola and Yap first met through a friend in 2011 but began getting to know each other only in August 2012.

Asked what her first impression of Yap was, Cazzola said: “He was very quiet; he hardly talked. Uhm, we didn’t really talk that much, actually. He was very shy.”

But that eventually changed as Yap started to open up, Cazzola said. In fact, she said her family easily became fond of the basketball player when they finally met him.

“They instantly liked him... My mom cooked Italian food for him. My dad is retired and my mom is still working,” she said.

Aside from traveling to various countries, Cazzola said she and Yap enjoy spending quiet times together.

“We’ve also been to Paris and Hong Kong, to Boracay and to Escalante (Yap’s hometown)… But I think the main thing is that we are both quiet. We love to stay home. I could never stay with a boy who is out all the time. We are not the party-going type,” she said.

When asked if she is the jealous type, the Italian beauty said: “No, I’m not! I’m not jealous of other people; I just want the attention to be on me.”

Yap and Cazzola have been together for over a year now. While mum on plans of tying the knot soon, Yap has always been vocal in saying that he and Cazzola would settle down “in time.”