Romance rewind: 10 films for a Valentine marathon

by Shiela Reyes,

Posted at Feb 14 2014 04:56 PM | Updated as of Feb 15 2014 11:12 AM

MANILA – Whether you're single or on a date, or even with friends or family members, celebrate Valentine's Day by arranging a movie marathon of some of the most romantic Filipino films.

Here's a list of Star Cinema-produced films which hopeless romantics could watch on February 14:

1. A Very Special Love (2008)

The first big screen team-up of John Lloyd and Sarah Geronimo launched the romantic trilogy detailing the romance between Miggy Montenegro (Cruz) and Laida Magtalas (Geronimo). Laida, who has a long-time crush on Miggy, applies as an editorial assistant at the guy’s new men’s magazine, Bachelor, which leads to a relationship but is tested by their differing priorities.

Memorable lines:

Miggy: “Where the hell is my coffee?”
Laida: “Ayy coffee.”
Miggy: “Who are you?”
Laida: “Laida Magtalas po. Nag-a-apply na editorial assistant.”
Miggy: “You’re hired.”

2. My Amnesia Girl (2010)

This movie tells the story of Apollo (John Lloyd Cruz again) as he tries to redeem himself to Irene (Toni Gonzaga) after leaving her alone in the aisle on their wedding day. Apollo, however, has to work hard to win back Irene, who pretends to have amnesia.

Memorable lines:
Apollo: "Naniniwala ka ba sa love at first sight?"
Irene: "Hindi."
(Apollo transfers to the other side)
Apollo: "Eh sa second sight?? Pwede!!!



3. In The Name of Love (2011)

Headlined by Aga Muhlach, Jake Cuenca and Angel Locsin for Star Cinema’s 18th anniversary, “In the Name of Love” tells the story of Emman (Muhlach), who is assigned to be the dance instructor for an upcoming ball for the engagement of the governor's son Dylan (Cuenca) and Cedes (Locsin). Emman and Cedes find themselves having an affair which Dylan eventually learns about.

Memorable lines:

Eman: "Huwag mo na ako paniwalain na minahal mo ako dahil hindi mo 'ko mahal."
Cedes: "Mahal kita. Mas pinili ko lang mamatay para mabuhay ka."

4. Miss You Like Crazy (2010)

This movie starring John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo tells the story of a right love at the wrong time. While dealing with their own problems, Allan (Cruz) meets Mia (Alonzo) and they embark on a whirlwind romance. However, the two have to separate as Mia leaves for Malaysia. Two years later, Allan goes on a trip to Malaysia to find Mia and win her back.

Memorable lines:
Mia: “Alam mo 'yung Petronas Towers? Yung dalawang building na may bridge sa gitna? Minsan nai-imagine ko nag-uusap silang dalawa.
Allan: “Anong sinasabi nila sa isa't isa? “
Mia: “Masaya ako kasi kasama kita.”
Allan: “Ako din.”
Allan: “…sabi nung isa. “
Mia: “Ahhh!”

5. No Other Woman (2011)

Topbilled by Anne Curtis, Cristine Reyes and Derek Ramsay, "No Other Woman" tells the story of Ram Escaler (Ramsay), a furniture salesman married to Charmaine (Reyes) but carries on an an affair with resort heiress Kara Zalderiaga (Curtis). This movie is one of the highest grossing Filipino movies of all time.

Memorable lines:

“Ang mundo ay isang malaking Quiapo, maraming snatcher. Maaagawan ka. Lumaban ka! Panahon na para i-pack up mo 'yang Lucy Torres mo. Ilabas mo na diyan si Gretchen Barreto. Anak, ako na bahala diyan sa red stiletto mo.”

“Alam mo kasi ang marriage parang exclusive village. Kailangan mong bantayan para hindi makapasok ang mga squatters.”

“Just shut up and kiss me. And don’t you dare fall in love with me.”

6. Paano Na Kaya? (2010)

This movie tells the story of Mae (Kim Chiu) who has always been in love with her best friend Bogs (Gerald Anderson). But their relationship turns complicated when Bogs’ girlfriend Anna (Melissa Ricks) breaks up with him. Bogs becomes depressed and Mae comes to the rescue. Mae thinks that the best way to save Bogs from self-destruction is by having a "rebound relationship." Eventually the two fall in love, and from then on, they encounter the complexities of their situation given that they are best friends.

Memorable lines:

Mae: "Bogs, minahal mo ba talaga ako? O sinubukan mo lang akong mahalin para hindi rin kita iwan? Ano ba talaga ang totoo?"
Bogs: "Ganong klaseng tao ba ako, Mae? Isusugal ko ang friendship natin, gagawin kitang panakipbutas tapos ano? Para ano? Isinugal ko dahil mahal kita. Kaya lang…
Mae: "Ayan! Dyan tayo sumasablay Bogs eh, sa kaya lang. Laging may kaya lang. Never naging simpleng ‘Mahal kita Mae.’ Yun lang naman ang gustong marinig ng kahit sino ‘di ba? Bakit hindi mo magawa sa akin yun? Bogs walang namilit sayo, walang nagmakaawa sayo. Sinabi ko lang naman sayo ang nararamdaman ko dahil hindi ko na kayang itago yun. Bogs sana lumayo ka na lang. Sana umiwas ka na lang maiintindihan ko pa yun. Pero Bogs shinota mo ko eh. Shinota mo ang best friend mo!

7. The Mistress (2012)

This movie marked the 10th anniversary of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo’s onscreen partnership. Also starring Ronaldo Valdez and Hilda Koronel, "The Mistress" tells the story of a worldly, adventurous man's (Cruz) doomed relationship with a woman (Alonzo) who is already committed to an older partner (Valdez).

Memorable lines:

"Layuan mo ang asawa ko. Tagalog 'yan para maintindihan mo."

"Hindi lahat ng gusto mo, makukuha mo."


8. One More Chance (2007)

This project is one of the most memorable movies of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. It tells the story of a Popoy (Cruz) and Basha (Alonzo) who have been in a relationship since college days. Despite this, Basha felt the need to let go so both of them could grow individually. Popoy becomes devastated for months until he finally decides to move on with his life and eventually meets Tricia (Maja Salvador). Although Popoy and Basha convince themselves that they are over their relationship, the two struggle as they still have feelings for each other.

Memorable lines:

Popoy: “Ano bang problema? “
Basha: “Ako 'yung problema kasi nasasaktan ako kahit hindi naman ako dapat nasasaktan. Sana kaya ko na lang tiisin 'yung sakit na nararamdaman ko. Kasi ako 'yung humiling nito ‘di ba? Ako 'yung may gusto. Sana kaya ko rin sabihin sayo na masaya ako para sayo, para sa inyo. Sana kaya ko. Pero hindi eh. Ang sama-sama kong tao kase umaasa pa din ako na sabihin mo sana ako pa rin. Ako na lang. Ako na lang ulit.”
Popoy: “Mahal ko si Tricia.”
Basha: “Alam ko.”
Popoy: “She loved me at my worst and you had me at my best. At binalewala mo lang lahat ng 'yon.”
Basha: “Popoy, 'yun ba talaga ang tingin mo? I just made a choice.”
Popoy: “And you chose to break my heart.”

9. Got To Believe (2002)

This was the last project of Rico Yan before he passed away in 2002. He headlined this film along with his then girlfriend, Claudine Barretto. A romantic-comedy movie, “Got To Believe” tells the story of Toni (Barretto), a wedding coordinator who agrees to do a pictorial article with Lorenz (Yan), a professional photographer. Toni, meanwhile, asks Lorenz to help her find Mr. Right in exchange. The movie eventually sees Lorenz and Toni falling in love with each other.

Memorable lines:

Toni: Bakit mo ko mahal?
Lorenz: Hindi ko alam.
Toni: Hindi mo alam?
Lorenz: Hindi ko alam, it just hit me. I didn’t even believe in forever Toni but I think I found forever in you. Toni, hindi ko pinagpipilitan ang sarili ko sa iyo okay? Huwag mong isipin yun. Gusto ko lang malaman mo na mahal kita. And I’m so sorry.
Toni: You never say sorry for loving someone. You never say sorry for loving me.

10. It Takes A Man and A Woman (2013)

This movie is the third installment in the series of romantic-comedy movies starring John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo. In the Cathy Garcia-Molina-directed film, Miggy (Cruz) and Laida (Geronimo) try to co-exist in the same company after breaking up over a character portrayed by actress Isabelle Daza.

Now with more experience and a "fiercer" attitude after spending years in the US, the returning Laida even challenges Miggy, her former employer, in his business decisions.

The set-up later proves challenging for the former couple to withstand, making it difficult for them to finally come up with a "happy ending."

Memorable lines:

Laida: “Ngayon, kaharap mo ang isang Laida na alam na ng buong buo ang pinapasok nya. Isang Laida na hindi lang happily ever after ang gusto, kundi isang Laida na pinipili ang reality ever after with you. Mahal na mahal kita bebe ko. Mahal na mahal kita at wala na kong ibang nakikitang pang gagawin kundi mahalin ka at pagsilbihan ka buong buhay ko.”
Miggy: “Today I realized I won’t be making any vows for my wedding. NO! Because this is not the day for promises. Today I stand here in front of you in complete surrender. I have no worries. I have no fear because I know and I know because i’m sure. I’m sure because I’m Yours. God bless our marriage and God bless me for wanting 12 kids with you I love you.”