How Jericho Rosales picks his roles


Posted at Feb 13 2014 12:48 PM | Updated as of Feb 13 2014 08:48 PM

Jericho Rosales

Jericho: I invest in my skills, not on personal life

MANILA – With only months away from tying the knot, Jericho Rosales is not scared that he will be less “bankable” once he is no longer a bachelor.

In an interview with ANC’s “Headstart” on Thursday, Rosales said he believes today's moviegoers no longer subscribe to the mindset that getting married will make him less desirable as an actor.

“Of course, we all know that the people that follow us love to pair us up and get involved sa life. But you can say na ang isip ko nasa international or American na pwede kong i-isolate [ang personal life sa trabaho],” he said.

Rosales assured his fans that he will be the same passionate actor that they know no matter what happens in his personal life.

“What I did years back was to invest in my skills and not on my personal life. I’d give my followers a part of my life and I’d give them my heart. But when it comes to acting, this is just my job. I don’t want to cheat them and say I’m always going to be single. There will come a time that I will get married but one thing will not change – my service to my fans,” he said, while admitting that he still owes his success to his fans.

Meanwhile, Rosales also addressed accusations that he has become picky when it comes to the roles that he accepts.

Rosales explained that he wants his projects to impart lessons to the viewers.

“If it’s aligned with my purpose and kung magbe-benefit ang viewers in a good way, then I’ll do it. It doesn’t matter if I’m a kontrabida or I’m a bad boy, I’m okay with that as long as the story has a lesson to share,” he said.

He also said he has no qualms of doing love scenes.

“Walang issue 'yun. On TV, it’s not just about kissing or anything. Marami pang iba like kissing, punching, killing. 'Yung range ko malawak. This is my ministry, this is why I’m picky with roles,” he said.

Rosales is currently promoting his upcoming movie “ABNKKBSNPLAko?!” which will hit theaters on February 19. He is also part of the ABS-CBN primetime hit series “The Legal Wife.”