Andi 'committed to motherhood'


Posted at Jan 30 2013 02:07 PM | Updated as of Jan 30 2013 10:07 PM

MANILA, Philippines -- Andi Eigenmann expressed her commitment to fulfilling her responsibilities as a single mom.

Andi Eigenmann. File photo

At the sidelines of a press conference held Monday for her latest product endorsement, the 22-year-old actress gave advice to fellow moms on raising their own children.

"My daughter's only a year old, and so I don't think I'm as experienced as half of the moms here, but I'm committed to this 100%. I just really believe that the only thing you should always keep in mind when you're raising a child is the fact that there's another life you're thinking of now, not just your own," she said.

Eigenmann has a daughter Ellie, who was christened in November last year, coinciding with the celebration of her first birthday.

"When you're raising a child, always remember who you are, because it will determine how you will raise your daughter, and who your daughter will become when she grows up," she said.

"For me, my only advice is to never ever fall apart. Always believe in yourself, because no matter what happens, God will never let you down," Eigenmann said.

At the height of the controversy involving her pregnancy, reports surfaced that Eigenmann allegedly endured violence from her former boyfriend.

In May last year, Eigenmann's name was dragged into a brawl involving Casino. The actress denied any part in the beat-down that left the young actor with minor injuries.

Only recently, the Kapamilya actress admitted on national television her break-up with former boyfriend Jake Ejercito. The announcement came after her mother's controversial statements about Ejercito's parents supposedly disapproving of his relationship with Eigenmann.

"We may fall down so many times, we may experience so much sadness in our lives, or loss or hurt or pain, but at the end of the day, our life isn't over yet, and all we have to is get back up and go on," Eigenmann said on Monday.

"Go on with it, without forgetting who we are, without forgetting what we're made of, what we're worth and what we deserve," she said.