Vhong’s lawyers to file case vs attackers today


Posted at Jan 28 2014 12:34 PM | Updated as of Jan 28 2014 08:34 PM

Vhong Navarro

MANILA, Philippines – A case will be filed on Tuesday at the Department of Justice against businessman Cedric Lee and others involved in the attack on Vhong Navarro, the legal counsel of the “It’s Showtime” host said.

“There will be a filing very soon, as in today, to put to rest all this mudslinging on the part of Deniece [Cornejo] and Cedric Lee,” Alma Mallonga, legal counsel for Navarro, said in an interview on Mornings @ ANC. “All those who are known to have participated in this very horrible crime will be part of it.”

According to Mallonga, it is not for the public to decide who is right or wrong, but the evidence, including video footage they have, will speak for itself.

Navarro’s camp believes that a charge of serious illegal detention best fits what was done to Navarro, although the final charges will depend on a review of all the facts once investigators are done.

“The fact of the matter is that Vhong Navarro was illegally detained. I think he was tied up, and he was forced to go to a place he did not want to go. He was deprived of his liberty for that purpose, of doing the bidding of these people. We will not argue the legal merits, but in the meantime, the facts are clear,” the lawyer said.

‘Incredible’ story

Mallonga called the version of events narrated by Cornejo and Lee on Monday an “incredible story.”

“[It was] a very strange coincidence that Mr. Lee was on his way to the condominium unit and happened to witness Vhong on top of Deniece and that supposedly Vhong tried to fight, and that’s the reason they had to tie him up,” she said.

Mallonga added that in her opinion, the two took the opportunity to tell their side in order to “sway the public to believe this incredible story.”

In a separate interview, Lee belied all of Navarro’s accusations saying he is twisting and exaggerating facts to make it appear that he was abused for no valid reason.

Lee also denied that he and his friends were extorting money from Navarro.

“Assuming I’m going to extort, why would I choose a Vhong Navarro while knowing he’s so popular, very influential tapos ang daming koneksyon, ang daming kaibigan, mga pulitiko, mga senador, siya pa ang pipiliin kong kikilan ng isang milyon? Is it worth it?” he said.

Saying that he is just a “simple businessman,” Lee stressed that he does not see the need to resort to extortion in order to earn money.