Ricky Lo: Nothing wrong with Hathaway interview


Posted at Jan 23 2013 03:06 PM | Updated as of Jan 23 2013 11:06 PM

 Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway in a scene from "Les Misérables"

MANILA, Philippines – Entertainment editor Ricky Lo on Wednesday finally reacted on his much talked about interview with “Les Miserables” star Anne Hathaway, which has been a hot topic on social media since it was uploaded by Philippine Star on its website last week.

In his column in The Philippine Star published on Wednesday, Ricky Lo said he sees "nothing wrong" with the interview and found the reactions of netizens to the videotaped question-and-answer session "amusing."

Several netizens blasted the interview as “awkward” and “painful to watch” after Lo failed to elicit answers from Hathaway.

Lo said he never thought his interview would create a big buzz online.

“When the unedited Anne interview came out on philstar.com last week, I never imagined that it would generate that kind of reaction from netizens around the world, in the process polarizing them into pros and cons, with each side trying to drive home its point with unfathomable passion,” he wrote.

He said he and the staff of the website, philstar.com, reviewed the entire unedited interview before uploading it.

Lo said what he asked Hathaway were also the same questions he asked during his interviews with the other “Les Miserables” stars Amanda Seyfried and Hugh Jackman.

“In fairness to them, they didn’t find them ‘personal’ and they proceeded to answer them during the free-flowing conversation, agreeing to invite their Filipino fans to watch Les Miz,” he wrote.

“I was surprised why Anne found ‘too personal’ the questions about how she regained the 25 pounds that she had lost and how, for somebody perceived to lead a life of comfort and luxury, she was able to identify with Fantine who, in the Victor Hugo novel on which the musical was based, was driven by poverty to prostitution,” he added.

Despite being criticized on many on various social networking sites, Lo said he holds “no grudge against or any resentment toward Anne Hathaway” even after she declined to answer some of his questions because they are “too personal.”

“I still love her dearly, even if she made me cry... over her heart-wrenching I Dreamed a Dream scene in the movie for which, as the whole world knows, she lost 25 pounds. She plays Fantine with her body and soul, giving her all to the role,” he wrote.

Lo also wrote that he felt Hathaway was not in the mood during the interview, adding that the other Asian journalists during the press junket in Japan last month also felt the same way.

Despite this, Lo said he wasn't offended by Hathaway's behavior during the interview.

“Was I offended? No, I wasn’t. Was I ‘intrusive’? I don’t think so. Did I find her ‘rude’? Hmmmm, only a bit, although I must say that (ehem!) the more than 200 other Hollywood stars I have interviewed were absolutely more delightful, far nicer and totally engaging,” he said.

Lo mentioned that it was his second sit-down interview with Hathaway. He also interviewed her in 2004 for “The Princess Diaries.”

Lo also said he wouldn’t mind interviewing Hathaway again if given the chance.