Krista reacts to Sunshine's accusations: 'God bless'


Posted at Jan 18 2013 06:19 PM | Updated as of Jan 20 2013 05:51 AM

MANILA, Philippines -- The woman involved in the controversial row between showbiz couple Cesar Montano and Sunshine Cruz has a few words on the actress' accusations against her.

Krista Miller's page on microblogging site Twitter

Miller took to micro-blogging site Twitter to speak on Cruz's tirade against her on another social networking site, Instagram, after the former posted photos of items allegedly received as gifts from the 38-year-old actress' husband, Cesar Montano.

Miller will portray Marita Zaragoza in a film directed by and starring Montano, "The Turning Cradle: The Untold Story of Alfredo Lim".

In a "tweet," Miller said, "Misinterpretation leads to wrong accusations. God bless!"

The Twitter post came only minutes after reports on Cruz's reactions to Miller's Instagram photos made the rounds online.

In a series of recent posts on the image-sharing site, which have since been deleted, Miller shared photos of an Abercombie and Fitch shirt for men, a pack of chocolates and an iPhone 5. The items, according to Cruz in her comments on the photos, were gifts from her to Montano.

Cruz, in another post on Instagram, expressed she is now "moving on with [her] children."

On Thursday, when Cruz initially commented on her posts on Instagram, Miller "tweeted," "Trial lang 'to. Kaya ko 'to. Naniniwala ako malalampasan ko [rin] 'to. Tiis-tiis lang."

Miller has yet to respond to ABS-CBN News' request for comment on the issue.

Montano's manager Shirley Pizarro, meanwhile, "[appealed] to our friends from the press to give Cesar and Sunshine their understanding and prayers so they can resolve whatever differences they may have at this time."