Kris lambasts James Yap's fans on Twitter


Posted at Jan 17 2013 12:57 PM | Updated as of Jan 18 2013 04:30 AM

Kris Aquino
MANILA, Philippines -- Host-actress Kris Aquino turned to microblogging site Twitter on Thursday to express her anger over the fans of her ex-husband, star cager James Yap.

In her official Twitter account, Aquino said she has been receiving a lot of hate tweets and claimed that they came from Yap's camp.

"Fans of my ex are anonymously bombarding me with hate tweets. How sad for them they haven’t moved on. With the millions he got from me and I wish they’d just let me have peace. Di ko kaya ginugulo, I more than 'paid' for my peace already. Don’t dare me to name the amount because then everyone will know why I’m so afraid of being used again, because si Josh and Bimb ang nabawasan ang savings for their future," Aquino said.

She added: "Sometimes you have to make a STAND. I won’t be Kris if I didn’t know how to defend myself and my sons. The truth will always emerge!"

Aquino's revelations stemmed from a message accusing her not being a good mother to her sons Joshua and James Yap Jr.

"Honestly, review my account since I started July 2012. Accuse me of anything but when I read na walang kwenta akong nanay - my God, war yan!" she tweeted.

"Hinamon ako and sinabihan walang kwentang nanay. Accuse me of everything but I am a good mother. Kaya pumatol ako," she added.

In the end, Aquino thanked those who support her.

"Thanks for understanding. True, ang pasensya nauubos especially if it’s about my being a MOTHER," she said.