Joseph Gordon-Levitt to host own variety show

by Fidea Encarnacion,

Posted at Jan 15 2014 01:01 PM | Updated as of Jan 15 2014 09:01 PM

A project which uses crowd-sourced content and collaborations is set to air its pilot episode this week in the US.

Founded by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt with his brother Dan in 2005, HitRecord is "an open collaborative production company" that collects posts and responses from users who join their projects in their website .

In the pilot episode, Gordon-Levitt explained the concept of HitRecord and what they've done since the website was launched in 2010.

"Open, meaning anyone can contribute; collaborative, meaning we use the internet to work on our projects together; and production company 'cause that's what we do. We'd screen our short films at Sundance and other festivals, we publish books, we put out records, we've gone on tour, but it's all been leading up to this. Now, we get to hit-record on TV," he said.

The projects may vary from art, videos, stories, poems, portraits and screenplays.

HitRecord collects these responses and turns them into a condensed production.

HITRECORD TV is set to premiere its first episode on January 18 on Pivot. Viewers outside the US may watch the pilot episode "Re: Number One" on HitRecord's YouTube account.

The first episode was pre-released last week, and has gained 572,000 views as of Wednesday.

A second season for HITRECORD TV with Pivot has already been confirmed by Gordon-Levitt on his official page over the weekend.