Krista Ranillo answers Jinkee Pacquiao’s ‘I hate her’ remark


Posted at Jan 10 2010 10:16 PM | Updated as of Jan 11 2010 08:19 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Krista Ranillo doesn’t hate anyone.

This was what the young sexy actress, who is accused of being Manny Pacquiao’s other woman, maintained when asked to react on the statement made by Manny’s wife in a magazine interview.

In her StarStudio interview, Jinkee said she hated Ranillo because of the rumored affair.

When interviewed by “The Buzz,” Ranillo answered: “I don’t know what to say. Let’s move on na lang. Ako, I don’t hate anyone.”

Ranillo is also no longer filing any case against her detractors, saying that she is leaving it up to God. Her only wish for the new year though is for everybody “to move on.”

Since her alleged illicit affair with Manny exploded, Ranillo admitted that her world “has turned upside down” and that up until today she is till recovering from its effects.

Various nasty rumors about Ranillo also came out. Some said her family was able to put up a restaurant abroad allegedly with Manny’s support. Some even criticized her for flying on a business class ticket with her dog. While others said, she was purportedly carrying Manny’s baby.

Ranillo categorically denied all these rumors.

For one, she told “The Buzz” that she and her family do not own a restaurant. It is also “obvious” that she is not pregnant.

“I don’t know where it started… If they have proof, why don’t they show it? I can give you my blood, kunan mo ako ng dugo. Kasi I know ang susunod na sasabihin nila, kung hindi lumaki ‘yong tiyan ko, nagpa-abort ako, which is really unfair,” she said.

On the dog issue, meanwhile, she said: “It's just funny kasi medyo common sense. If you bring an animal to the States or any other country, they don’t fly with you. Cargo ‘yon, parang excess baggage sila.”

She also cried foul when people started blaming her after her movie with Manny, “Wapakman,” flopped at the box office. Nonetheless, she said she is proud of the movie and has no regrets being part of it.

She also promised to face the public and set the record straight.

“My world has turned upside down. I’m just requesting for people to respect that I’m healing. I want to recover. Gusto ko kapag humarap ako, buo akong tao,” she said.