Vice Ganda tells Bang: Mamang was looking for you


Posted at Jan 05 2012 11:06 AM | Updated as of Jan 05 2012 07:14 PM

Comedian Ryan Bang

MANILA, Philippines - Actor-comedian vice Ganda extended his appreciation to Korean comedian Ryan Bang for spending time with his late grandmother, Rosita Borja.

On Twitter, Vice Ganda said his "Mamang" was looking for Bang before she passed away last Sunday.

"@ryanbangko Mamang was looking for you before she left. Nanay said thank you for always being by Mamang's side when she was in the hospital," Vice Ganda said.

Bang, who spent New Year's Day in Korea, is known as one of Vice Ganda's closest friends in show business.

He apologized to Vice Ganda for not being there when his grandmother died.

"@vicegandako Awwwwww sorry nanay (Vice Ganda)... I will go to my lola tomorrow," said Bang, who earlier noted that Vice Ganda is like a mother to him.

Vice Ganda's grandmother passed away on Sunday, months after suffering a massive stroke. She was 86.