Salamat Dok: Holy Juice an alternative health drink

By Yam dela Cruz, Multimedia Producer, Salamat Dok

Posted at Dec 13 2012 11:01 PM | Updated as of Dec 29 2012 04:40 AM

Water is good but sometimes you want to add something to it especially during special occasions, right?

If you want to give a twist to ordinary drinking water for your family, friends and relatives, and make something that’s easy-to-make, affordable and healthy -- then here’s what you need!

Our Muslim brothers and sisters are famous for their Halal recipes.

We were lucky to feature one of their cooking experts, Chef Saima Domado-Bansao, who taught us this healthy drink recipe – the Holy Juice.

Muslims are prohibited from alcoholic drinks and Chef Saima created this as a substitute.




This yellow mostly oval-shaped fruits are rich in Vitamin C and other substances that fight infection and promote immunity. Its scent can improve one’s mood. A doctor once said, “Whenever you feel sad, squeeze and smell a lemon’s skin.” 



A relative of calamansi, limes originated in Southeast Asia and commonly called dayap in the Philippines. Like lemons, it contain antioxidant and anti-cancer properties

Calamansi and Orange

Calamansi and Orange

Calamondin or calamansi to many is widely used for different kinds of dishes. "Mami" and congee “lugaw” are not complete without it. For Pinoys, calamansi’s friends are soy sauce, fish sauce and fish paste.

Orange is one of the many popular fruits in the world. Like any other citrus fruit, it is good for the immune system. Compared to other citrus fruits, the good thing about orange is that you can have it as a perfect snack because it is sweet when ripe.

Lemon Grass

Lemon Grass

Lemon grass or tanglad is a popular herbal medicine in Asia for gastro-intestinal problems, diarrhea, headaches and many more. For its calming, aromatic scent, it is also used in candles, perfumes, soaps and cosmetics.

Holy Juice an alternative health drink


•    Cut lemon, lime and orange into 3-4 slices
•    Cut 4 pieces of calamansi into halves
•    Put sliced fruits in a pitcher of water
•    Pound 2 sticks of lemon grass stalk to infuse flavor and substances and add to the pitcher
•    Pour it in a glass and add a teaspoon (or as desired) of honey to sweeten the taste
Benefits of Holy Juice

•    High potassium content which helps balance the acid and water of the body.
•    Rich in electrolytes which are good for nerve impulses.
•    Helps normalize blood pressure.
•    Rich in Vitamin C, Ascorbic acid for tissue formation.
•    Cleanses the body and detoxifies liver .

Prevention Potential of Citrus Juice

•    Cardiovascular Disease
•    Heart Disease
•    Hypertension
•    Stroke
•    Cancer
•    Neural Tube Defects
•    Anemia

Since sugary drinks are linked to diabetes, the next time a visitor comes, give them Holy juice! – with a report from Rea Tiama, Segment: Kusina Clinic, aired September 22, 2012

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