Sports Unlimited: Skechers streetdance competition

By Jasmine Perez, Multimedia producer, Sports Unlimited

Posted at Dec 13 2011 09:53 AM | Updated as of Dec 13 2011 05:58 PM

The Skechers Streetdance Battle is the most prestigious streetdance competition in the country. Each year, high school and college dance crews prepare to strut their school colors for this battle. From 100 dance crews ‘round the country, 24 schools remained to battle for the final showdown.

Four hours before the competition, thousands lined up to support their respective schools. The finalists, on the other hand, spiced up their last minute preparations for their ultimate dance showdown.

Marc was there not just to watch the comp but he also showed up before the show to check out each dance crew. Marc learned that these teens all wanted to take home the championship and each team made sure that they’re ready to outdo everybody else.

Minutes before the opening of the competition, Marc tried to catch the latest dance bug from the Philippine All-Stars. Prince and Jhong taught Marc how to do the signature wave dance before leading the whole Araneta crowd. And indeed, Prince and Jhong got the whole dome thumping in one beat!

Just when everybody thought that the grooving was over, the floor was opened by three famous dance groups. The 2011 World Hip Hop’s fifth placer, Legit Status, first warmed up the stage. Next, our country’s newest dance group, The Rockstars, followed the showdown with an intense hot number. The much-awaited performace was of course, from the 2010 World Hip Hop champions from New Zealand, Request.

The bar was raised high by Request but for the highschoolers, they’re also eager to pump the rhythm with their moves. Each school was given four minutes of jaw-dropping and body moving dance routines. From all-girls to all-boys, first timers to seasoned champs, everyone gave their best stunts.

Two-time champs Miriam College High School’s Sayawatha Dance Troupe showed their angsty side with some earth-shaking moves. This group, Marc learned, is more than motivated to reclaim their spot as dance champions.

Another all-girls school that impressed the crowd was Saint Paul School College Pasig’s Terpischore. Their synchronized stomping, flipping, and a whole lot of hair tossing sent not only the crowd, but also the members of Request cheering for them.

The girls weren’t the only ones who showed off their sensuality. Even the all-boys troupes shared their own take of flair onstage. The Claret School of Quezon City’s Hataw swaggered their flexibility. One minute they’re macho and on the next minute, they surprised everyone with their sexy side!

Defending champs La Salle Greenhills’ LSGH Airforce, meanwhile, delivered an energetic number. With their Airforce-inspired hoods, nobody expected that they could also strut some sexy jigs.

It was all-out war for all nine teams. Each gave their best moves, showed their oneness as a team, and unleashed their passion as dancers to make their alma mater proud.

The LSGH Airforce had to settle for third place while Claret’s Hataw clinched the first runner up. St. Paul Pasig’s Terpsichore bagged the champions’ title.

This year’s competition definitely knew how to sizzle the stage, the crowd, and the whole Araneta Coliseum. With fiery dance numbers from the country’s best school dance troupes, there was no dull moment from one group to another. The much-awaited performance was, of course, from the different college groups.

Like their high school counterparts, they came in complete ensemble, ready to fire up the dance floor once more.

Before the main showdown, Marc toured the backstage to catch more action from the college dance troupes. With each dance crew showing off Marc their loud battlecry, Marc was all the more eager to witness more dancing on the floor!

The country’s top fifteen dance crews declared war as they strummed to every beat. Some gracefully infused their hip-hop soul. Some boldly shook their booties. Some executed their high-flying maneuvers, while the others fearlessly unleashed their daredevil tricks to the delight of the full-packed coliseum.

Each performance obviously showed each dance troupe’s hard dedication.
In this competition, streetdancing is more than a form of self-expression, but it is also all about going with the right beat, perfecting the right choreography, and being in synch with the whole group.

Among the powerhouse dance teams this year is the four-time Skechers Streetdance champion University of the Philippines Diliman’s UP Street Dance Club. “The Iskolar ng Bayan” wowed everyone with their b-boying moves, declaring once again, that they are more than determined to be champs for the fifth time.

UP Street Dance Club faced their peers from the same university-- the UP Manila Indayog. Again, the crowd was impressed. UP Manila knew that they had to beat sister school UP Diliman with more funk and more power moves.

The blaring support from the sea of maroon, however, was silenced when their strong rivals, the De La Salle University’s La Salle Dance Company–Street, busted their grooves. They came sporting not just their fierce archer look, but they came grinding, popping and locking every stunt. The judges were all stunned. This year’s streetdance competition definitely showed utmost intensity and the liveliest crowd!

As they waited to announce the winners, two representatives from each school first battled for the freestyle showdown. They were given thirty seconds each to dare their rival school. Each executed their best moves and fought the other team with better grooves and more daring break dancing.
The star-studded board of judges had a hard time selecting the finalists. But come finals, the crowd was all in favor for UP Diliman’s UP Street Dance Club.

Nobody had a clue on which team will take home the 100,000 cash prize so as soon as the winners were about to be announced, each team was eager to hear their own teams to be hailed as champs. UP Manila Indayog clinched the third spot while four-time champs UP Diliman’s UP Streetdance Club settled with their first runner up trophy. As soon as the La salle Dance Company Street’s name was called, the archers were all emotional. They finally got their sweet bite of victory!

November 26, 2011