Sports Unlimited: Exercises for the holidays

By Jasmine Perez, Multimedia producer, Sports Unlimited

Posted at Dec 13 2011 10:19 AM | Updated as of Dec 16 2011 10:19 PM

Getting into shape will always be a challenge, especially now that the holiday season is fast approaching. This week, Sports Unlimited will help you prepare for the holiday binge with two fun workouts.

Session with Mr. USA

Tamer El Guindy, also known as “The Razor,” is no ordinary fitness buff. He won several bodybuilding and figure championships in the USA, including the Mr. USA title this year and in 2009. Winning several prestigious crowns didn’t stop him from flexing more muscles but this made him all the more motivated to spread his passion all over the world, including the Philippines.

The functional training machine may look complicated for a first timer but all you need to keep in mind are these--- the right weights, proper form, and a lot of repetitions. The Razor first taught Dyan some combination lunges to work out the abs, legs and butt. It may seem easy but it actually involves a lot of balancing, aside from conditioning your body.

Tamer, upon knowing that Dyan used to be a tennis player, also introduced an exercise for her shoulders. Dyan quickly learned that doing this in constant motion actually could prevent injuries. What’s great about their session was that Tamer knew how to incorporate resistance training with cardio. The challenge is to keep on doing the exercise for 1 to 2 minutes non-stop. You don’t just burn fats but you also shape those perfect cuts!

Mr. USA is actually Brazilian-Egyptian-Italian. The perfect curves may run in his blood but he promised to give Dyan a little bit of his “Brazilian look” with his workouts. In his own words—“delicious!” Say delicious while working out? Sounds convincing enough!

Tamer also focused on the abs and the back. The trick Dyan learned from the Razor, is to keep the abs tight and the back arched. Next, they engaged the obliques and the chest through a simple exercise. Dyan also learned a one-of-a-kind squat that works out not just the legs but also the arms and shoulders.

Tamer didn’t just stop their one-on-one session with workouts. He also eagerly shared some great tips about health and nutrition.

Zumbathon with David Velez

Zumba, the world’s current most popular dance fitness program, has taken over the dance floor and gave millions of people hooked to this worldwide phenomenon.

Invented in Colombia, this dance craze has shaken the grounds of the gym into one loud and fun party.

Gold’s Gym Philippines made sure that Filipinos can jig with the Latin fever with non-stop three-hour dancing also called the Zumbathon.

Hundreds arrived sporting not just their hip attire but also their funky attitude.

These Zumba fanatics not only came here to move to the beat but everyone’s also excited to learn from the Zumba master David Velez.

David spreads his Zumba passion all over Southeast Asia and China. And during his recent visit to the country, he wanted to find out why Filipinos were called the Latins of Asia. With just a few dance moves, our Colombian friend soon discovered that Filipinos indeed have the right swagger!

Marc, on the other hand, tried to wait for the last Zumba-fanatic-standing.
Three hours sounded too long. But ask these ladies and gentlemen, they could survive Zumbathon, as long as the music plays!

Marc learned that Zumba’s secret lies in its universality. Participants of all shapes, sizes and gender can enjoy the party. The moves are easy to follow plus the music is filled with too much zest that’s hard to resist.

Zumba after all is all about grooving with the Latin vibe while getting fit--
meaning you burn fats while having fun and partying with everyone. Now you know why the world has caught this phenomenon!

December 3, 2011