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Posted at Nov 21 2011 10:45 AM | Updated as of Nov 22 2011 03:10 AM

Carjacking has become a frightening reality for car owners in the country.
During the early months of 2011, the evening news was filled with stories about a streak of carnapping or carjacking incidents that certainly struck fear into the hearts and minds of car owners everywhere. What was frightening wasn’t the idea of losing your car, but the fate that these victims suffered at the hands of these carjackers.

Not content with just stealing a person’s car, these criminals would kill the owners and even burn their bodies. This was the fate that Venson Evangelista, Emerson Lozano, and Lozano’s companion Ernanie Sencil met. Their bodies were found at different places on different days, but their deaths were similar. All three were shot then their bodies were burned.

Soon after, Raymond and Roger Dominguez, leaders of the Dominguez Carjacking group, suspected to be behind the murders of Evangelista, Lozano, and Sencil, were brought into custody.

The issue of carjacking laid low for a while, until last July...


July 28, 2011. Marlon Quiocho brought Mrs. Vasquez, his employer to the airport. Upon arriving back home he parked the Vasquez family’s Mitsubishi Montero and was about to go inside the house when he decided to fix the way he was parked.

Just as he was about to enter the car, two men pounced on Marlon and tried to get the Montero’s keys from him but Marlon kept fighting back. A neighbor saw what was going on and decided to help but retreated when one of the men pointed a gun at her and told her to stay back. Marlon kept fighting back which forced the carjackers to shoot Marlon. After one shot to the side, Marlon fell on the street, bleeding. The gunman fired two more shots at Marlon, one to the back of the head, which immediately killed him.

After killing Marlon, the two carjackers took off with the Montero.

L to R: CCTV footage of the Montero arriving and two men running towards it

Concepcion Quiocho
Marlon had only been working for the Vasquez family for a year, but he was well loved by the family because of how he treated them. Even the Vasquez children considered Marlon as family.

Marlon left behind his wife Concepcion and their 6 year old son Marcon.

Last August 11, the Montero was recovered in Angeles, Pampanga and the suspects behind the carjacking and murder are now behind bars.

Even though the suspects are already in the custody of the authorities, the Vasquez family can’t help but fear for their safety. Marlon was a loss for the Vasquez family and an even bigger loss to his own wife and child.
Maritess Teano was yet another carjacking and murder victim
Aside from Marlon, another victim was brutally murdered and carjacked last June 15, 2011. Maritess Teano was shot twice and her brand new car was stolen from her.

According to eyewitness reports, three men approached Maritess, two of them grabbed hold of her while the third man took her bag and started searching for her car keys.

hen Maritess was able to break free from the two men, they shot her. Once she hit the ground, the assailants made sure that she was dead by firing another shot at her. As the three men drove off with Maritess’ car, they even ran over one of her legs.

Atty. Odon Teano could only grieve as his daughter was brutally murdered and his greatest regret is that he was not there to help her out.

The suspects behind the carjacking were identified to be part of the Dominguez Group, and the gunman was identified as Rolando Talban.

Atty. Odon Teano


Dominguez Carnapping Group Members

All In The Family 

While most carjacking incidents are done by a group of people, it’s very rare that such crimes are comitted by a single family.

For the past 12 years, Mang Rudy Elpos has been working as a family driver for a Marikina-based family.  Just last September, Mang Rudy would have an experience that he would never forget.

When Mang Rudy’s boss and her son grabbed something to eat somewhere in Katipunan, Mang Rudy decided to get a bite of his own and bought a snack at a nearby store. As he was getting into the Toyota Grandia that he was driving, a man ran up to him and held him at gunpoint while a few other men seized the van. The carjackers told Mang Rudy to get in the back of the van and lie on his stomach. He was also told to keep quiet or they would shoot him right then and there. Fearing for his life, Mang Rudy cooperated with the criminals.

Moments later, Mang Rudy overheard the men talking about Calamba and he thought that he would be salvaged there. One of the men told him that because he cooperated, they would give him his license back, as well as cab fare.

When they let Mang Rudy out, they told him to cover his head with his shirt and act as if nothing happened. He was told not to run or to scream or else someone would shoot him. Mang Rudy then crawled out of the car and sat down on the street until he sensed the coast was clear.

Once free to move, he walked and asked where he was. He found out that he was in Calamba Street, Brgy Sto. Domingo in Banawe.

Mang Rudy found his way back and told his boss what had happened. Immediately they filed a police report but decided against filing a case, fearing for their safety.

The suspected people behind the carjacking are the Mac Lester Reyes group, a family operated carjacking group that involves both his wife and son.

Mang Rudy is one of the lucky few to have survived being carjacked


Family Affair: The Mac Lester Reyes Group is a family business

Things You Should Know

As of September of this year, there have already been 129 incidents of Motorvehicles being taken or seized by gunpoint or by force.

There are a lot of ways that carjackers pull off their craft. While others use force and aren’t afraid to kill people for a car, there are others who take advantage of a driver’s lapses and seize the vehicle when the driver isn’t looking or is preoccupied.

According to the PNP Highway Patrol Group, there are 10 carjacking groups that can be considered high-profile. Three of these groups still have members at large including the Dominguez Brothers. Even if members of these groups are arrested, they are able to post bail eventually.

What’s surprising is that the bail for carjacking is only P180,000, a small amount for a group of criminals that can sell their stolen cars for around P800,000.

According to the DOJ, of the 72 cases of carjacking from January to September, only 9 were convicted. Carjacking is still not categorized as a capital offense or a heinous crime.

Authorities believe that carjacking should already be considered a heinous crime, or at least make the crime non-bailable.

Volunteers Against Carnapping founder Boy Evangelista, father or Venson Evangelista hopes that prevention becomes the step against these crimes. He says that unfortunately, it is only after the incident that there is action being done.

The Highway Patrol suggests that drivers should park their cars in well lit areas and avoid driving alone.

As these crimes escalate, the families of those victims can only hope for justice and that one day, this criminal menace would soon be eradicated. October 8, 2011.

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