Salamat Dok: Fats, fats go away!

By Yam dela Cruz, Multimedia producer, Salamat Dok

Posted at Nov 10 2010 04:01 AM | Updated as of Nov 10 2010 12:01 PM

Are you tired of sweating it out from jogging in the neighborhood and staying long hours at the gym? Have you been depriving yourself from eating carbohydrates? Have you achieved your obsession to burn those fats away?

If your answer to these questions is a big no then there is an alternative to end your ordeal. Be smart!

Nina Jose

She started as one of the teen housemates in ABS-CBN’s top rating primetime show, Pinoy Big Brother. Now she’s part of the comedy gag show, Banana Split, together with other sexy, young actresses in the country. 

She realized that when one is in show business, you need to stay beautiful – that’s one of the MAIN pressures in the industry! Nina was one of those affected because of her recurring problem with her big abs and waist.

“Big tummies run in my family but I want to get rid of it. I actually go to the gym but fat is difficult to burn. In my line of work, I should have a sexy appearance and be able maintain it; I needed to look beautiful,” says Nina.

Nina admits losing her confidence with the increased size of her tummy until somebody introduced her to the celebrity doctor, Vicky Belo. She underwent the SmartLipo procedure and got what she wanted -- immediately after 4 hours. Yes -- 4 hours and she lost 4 inches from 30 inches waistline to 26.  You can almost imagine the big smile on Nina’s face when it happened

Instant Results with SmartLipo

SmartLipo  is a state-of-the-art liposuction technology that uses laser to melt and remove the unwanted fats.

Beauty expert, Dr. Vicky Belo says, “Give us 4 hours and you’ll have new beautiful body. That’s how instant the result is! Given the choice, many people prefer non-surgical, non invasive beauty treatments. That’s possible, yes, but it’s only 50% as effective as a real SmartLipo where there is higher percentage of fat removal.”

SmartLipo is the easiest way to get rid of unwanted fats. It can be done in the 4 areas of the body – belly, waist, hips and abdomen. It is a bloodless and painless procedure. In fact, you can actually proceed back to work after it’s done. 

“Many are afraid when they hear the word “tulog” (sleep) in cosmetic surgery. When we say “tulog,” we mean “twilight” a situation where the patient is only half asleep. Within 5 minutes after the session, you can wake up and walk. You won’t feel anything during and after the procedure. The next day, you’ll feel like you just did a 3-hour exercise -- no pains!” Dr. Belo explains.

How to maintain a beautiful body?

What Dr. Vicky Belo often emphasizes is that beauty centers are just there to help us with perennial beauty problems like fats that persistently remain in the body. She believes effective beauty treatments should be a partnership or joint effort between the expert and the client.  Treatments are developed to remove the fats that we carry   all these years. After that, it’s now up to the client so it won’t come back. This means that we still need to exercise and watch our diet.

“Most often, you’ll hear some women say, ‘I’m already old. I don’t need to maintain my body figure and go sexy.’ Don’t! You can be still be beautiful and gorgeous the rest of your life,” Dr. Belo advises. 

SmartLipo vs. Traditional liposuction

When you watch science channels, you will notice that in traditional liposuction, the doctor sweats it out during the procedure. Dr. Belo said that in SmartLipo it is just like playing a violin and does not need too much effort because the unwanted fats already melt down due to the laser technology.

Budget-wise, the SmartLipo is admittedly more expensive but it is done in 1 session only compared to traditional liposuction that requires ten. Traditional liposuction is cheaper but when you add the cost of the 10 sessions, it’s roughly the same.

To sum it up, both types have the same objective but with different approaches. It all depends on the client’s budget and needs. It’s your choice!

Maritoni Fernandez

A breast cancer survivor, a mother of a 16-year old girl and 5-year old boy, still proud to say she’s already 41, but Maritoni Fernandez still looks stunningly gorgeous!

“I’m a gym rat! I live practically in the gym. I do badminton. Vicky and I are even classmates in belly dancing. But what I’m concerned about are my big legs. I even challenged my personal gym trainer to help me make them smaller and I’ll gladly give him a prize,” narrates Maritoni.

Maritoni said her big legs are product of genetics. Her mom has the same concern. No matter how hard she exercises, it won’t solve the problem.

One day at the gym, Dr. Vicky Belo saw her and asked, “Maritoni, why are punishing yourself? It only takes 2 hours and your problem is gone.”  And it did.  Maritoni underwent Smartlipo for her legs and even extended it to her tummy and wide hips.  “When I woke up it felt like I didn’t have to exercise for long. I just had minor aches but I went back to work after 3 days. It was a success!” exclaims Maritoni.

Cereals for a slimmer you

Have you been skipping your breakfast? Oh no! Almost everybody knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With responsibilities here and there, many can’t even afford to sip from a cup of coffee or milk or take a bite of bread.

Did you know that eating breakfast help you lose weight? In a study by the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, regular cereal eaters in the morning have a lower chance of gaining weight compared to those who don’t.

They also found out that breakfast-eaters have are much more motivated to engage in physical exercise.    

Skipping breakfast makes you eat twice the amount during the next meal and eventually makes you fat. This is what they call, “starvation eating”.

Another interesting discovery is that when we skip our breakfast, our body cannot produce enzymes that should otherwise metabolize fats in the body, which  we need to maintain our normal weight. October 24, 2010