Sports Unlimited: Acrobatic acts

Jasmine Perez, Multimedia Producer, Sports Unlimited

Posted at Oct 22 2012 05:43 PM | Updated as of Oct 23 2012 11:00 PM

Acrobatic shows have been around since time immemorial. It is the simplest form of entertainment that lets the body show off its power, grace and artistry in all its glory.

Sports Unlimited recently visited Resorts World Manila to meet some amazing acrobats--The Power Duo, Icarian Games and a trio of Belorussian contortionists.

Acrobats make their stunts look easy, but to be a top acrobat, you have to be a tough and dedicated athlete first. Perfection requires years of diligent training, and to stay in top condition requires Spartan discipline.

On Sports Unlimited, The Power Duo Dennis and Yuri first demonstrated to hosts Marc Nelson and Dyan Castillejo their incredible stunts. They then taught Marc and Dyan some of their simplest moves. However, what is simple to The Power Duo may not be so to mere mortals. Marc and Dyan had some difficulty emulating their moves at first, but were eventually able to do the balancing act.

After being able to do the first trick, Marc and Dyan's confidence levels went up a notch--they wanted to learn more! Dennis and Yuri, of course, were happy to oblige.

Sports Unlimited also met a trio of Belorussian contortionists, who gamely demonstrated their take on teamwork in graceful motion.

The amazing trio, clad in their red unitards, were real beauties to watch. They were agile and displayed awesome strength and balance. The fluidity of their execution was simply breathtaking and they made all their tricks look easy.

It took a lot of hard work to put their stunts together and it involved a lot of discipline to stay in shape. But these young ladies know how to reward themselves after a great performance--they treated themselves Pinoy style by eating their favorite Pinoy food, turon.

Also performing in Resorts World is the duo of Dima and Mikael, who demonstrated what is called the "Icarian Game."

In the Icarian Game, Mikael served as the base, tossing and spinning Dima with nothing but his feet. It was amazing how Mikael spun Dima, like a rag doll, with his feet. The tiny Dima weighs approximately 47 kilos and he flew through the air doing graceful twists and flips.

It takes years to perfect their skills but they were willing to let Marc and Dyan try the simplest tricks in their act. They taught them to balance, the Icarian way.

Dima made it look easy but Dyan soon found out that it was not only hard to maintain your balance, it was also hard to let go of your fear. Marc couldn't get enough of the Icarian Game, he even tried to do the back flip.

Acrobatic acts are proof that art and athleticism can come together to create beautiful and entertaining performances. More than just actors in a play, acrobats are elite athletes who work hard to be in top form.

Aired on: October 13, 2012