Failon Ngayon: Bukol

By Santino Honasan, Multimedia Producer, Failon Ngayon

Posted at Oct 18 2010 08:02 PM | Updated as of Oct 19 2010 11:17 PM

Tears streamed down Nanay Adelia De Guzman’s face as she struggled to speak of her current condition. Even though she had a difficult time talking, it was easy to see that sadness could not even begin to describe how she felt.  “Yong bunso ko po, ayaw na tumabi sa akin. (My youngest child won’t even come near me.)”

The reason for this was that Nanay Adelia’s condition had caused the skin on a part of her body to wound then rot, and eventually release a foul odor.

Nanay Adelia is suffering from breast cancer, which is the country’s most fatal kind of cancer, according to the Philippine Foundation for Breast Care. For every 50,000 cases of breast cancer, there have been 8,000 fatalities.

What started as a small bump on Nanay Adelia’s chest just last January, has now ballooned to the size of a watermelon. Aside from the wounds and caused by the cancer and the flesh that has begun to rot, Nanay Adelia’s condition has made her very very weak and has made it difficult for her to move and eat.  It has also filled her lungs with water causing her to have difficulty breathing, and has made it difficult for her to breathe.

The situation has not only affected Nanay Adelia, but also everyone in her family.

Nanay Adelia’s husband Armando, a carpenter by profession, has now stopped working and has devoted all his time to taking care of Nanay Adelia. He has prepared himself for the worst, saying that at times, has almost given up already. “...hinahanda ko na din ang sarili ko eh, kasi minsan nag-papaalam na eh, kung anu-ano nakikita e. (...I’m already preparing for the worst because sometimes, she’ll bid goodbye, as if she were going already, she keeps on seeing things.)”

Their eldest child Richard has also made sacrifices because of their situation. He was able to finish high school but has opted to begin working instead of continuing school so that he could help his parents.

Nanay Adelia is currently seeking medical help at the Philippine Foundation for Breast Care, found at the East Avenue Medical Center.

Still with a battery of tests to go through, Nanay Adelia said that she would be strong and fight through everything so that she would be able to have more time with her family. Now, her body is being conditioned to prepare for an upcoming operation and chemotherapy.

Because of financial troubles, Armando has asked for the help of those who are able to help. “Humihingi po ako sa inyo ng tulong, para po sa pagpapagamot ng asawa ko. Wala na po kaming ibang makukunan, talaga pong hirap na hirap po kami, maawa po kayo sa amin. Maraming marami pong salamat. (I’m asking for your help for my wife’s medical treatments. We don’t have anywhere else to turn to, it’s really really hard for us. Please have mercy on us. Thank you very much.)” October 16, 2010

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