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by Vky Dio Mendoza, Multimedia Producer, Rated K

Posted at Aug 30 2011 11:01 AM | Updated as of Aug 31 2011 01:28 AM

“Maraming uri ng bagay ang pwede nating manahin o maipasa naman natin sa ibang tao o henerasyon. Ang pamana’y maaaring gamitin sa maganda at lalo pang pagandahin... at may namamanang masama na maaaring lalo pang gawing mas malaking problema. Ang magandang pamana ay biyaya na hindi dapat sayangin, lalo na ang pamanang magagandang ugali tulad ng pagiging mapagbigay sa kapwa, pagiging masipag, edukasyon at pakikipagkapwa-tao. At ‘yan ang tunay na pamanang dapat palawigin at isalin.”
- Korina Sanchez-Roxas

Manang yaman sa kaibigan!

According to Rolando, Ellio would always tell him “Charity begins at home”.

Almost always, family members are the recipients of inheritances. That is why the story of Swiss Ellio Wettstein and Rolando Guillermo, a Filipino, is amazing and inspiring as well. It proves that good deeds yield equally good fruits.

When Ellio met an accident in Manila in September 1985, Rolando was the one who rushed him to the hospital. Little did Rolando know that Ellio was a bigtime businessman in Switzerland. 

After his recovery, he tried giving money to Rolando as a way of thanking the Pinoy for saving his life. He did this twice, but Rolando declined on both instances, and even got mad at the gesture. Later on, they became best friends and Rolando served as Ellio’s company during his travels.

Ellio succumbed to bone cancer in 1993. Since he did not have any family left in Switzerland, he gave 70% of all his assets to Rolando, amounting to Php50 million. He also received three hectares of Boracay land and shares from the Swiss’ businesses.

From a poor rural boy, Rolando became a wealthy businessman in Cagayan Valley. With all the blessings he obtained from his generous buddy, Rolando will forever be grateful.

When Ellio passed away in 1993, Rolando attended his funeral. Not only did he lose a best friend, he also lost a father figure.


Aside from this commercial center in Cagayan Valley, Rolando was able to put up a restaurant and construction business from Ellio’s inheritance.

Lipat agimat!

A supposedly small black stone like this one was passed on to Poying on the day of her mother’s death. This was believed to be the source of her aswang-like powers.

She acknowledges having mystical powers, yet Poying is far from being the superheroine that the public would normally want to meet, like Darna. In fact, it’s the opposite – people try to keep away from her because of her alleged ghostlike abilities. But had she be given a chance and choice, she would not have accepted this energy she received from her mother, who was also believed to be an aswang. It is a challenge to be living alone in a far-flung Rizal area, misunderstood and being avoided by most people.

Meanwhile, experts say Poying might be suffering from depression, wherein she creates a world and reality of her own. 

During full moon, Poying admits to experiencing unusually intense energy and would later transform into someone who is oddly physically powerful.


Poying resides in this small house in Rizal, alone.

Mana sa ina, mana sa ama!

“Kung ano ang puno, siya rin ang bunga,” as we Filipinos say.

Meriam Celis, mother of Kiray, shares with Rated K that her daughter has always loved performing in public, something which she thinks Kiray has gotten from her. When Kiray was three, she joined a kiddie contest on the show “Magandang Tanghali Bayan” and at that young age, Direk Bobot Mortiz already knew that she would have a place in showbiz.

Kiray and mommy Meriam share the same passion for singing.

True enough, Kiray became a member of “Goin’ Bulilit” and tried more serious acting roles like her character Desiree on the remake “Mara Clara”. Kiray is the breadwinner of her family.

Since childhood, JC considers his father April Boy Regino, his idol. He also loves to sing like his “Jukebox King” dad. But apart from singing, JC is a songwriter and composer as well.

From her showbiz earnings, Kiray was able to save up and buy this SUV.


April Boy and son JC do the hand action of the father’s famous song “Di Ko Kayang Tanggapin”.

Bahay ko, may multo!

If you were to be given a house and lot, certainly you would accept it without batting an eyelash. But if you were to discover that it comes with creepy creatures as your housemates, would you change your mind?

A certain house in Rizal is believed to be haunted by a white lady, a kapre (tree demon) and other supernatural beings.

Arthur inherited the house from his parents, and when he and his wife went to the US in 2001, he entrusted the house to his sister Rowena and her family. Their stay was short-lived because of many scary experiences, so Rowena decided to let brother Nilo take care of the house instead.

Like Rowena, Nilo felt a lot of negative energies and even saw disturbing images. At present, Nilo and his family are still living in the same house, but they believe that prayers and regular house cleansing are enough to combat the hair-raising elements that they live with.

Yoly, one of the neighbors, admit to having seen a white lady one night.


To help drive away the negative energies which surround the supposedly haunted house, psychic Ada Victoria lights incense sticks and utters a prayer for Nilo and his family.

Negosyo ko, para sa ’yo!

It was in 1950 when Aurelio Pantoja, together with his wife Celinda, put up a bakeshop in Tanauan, Batangas with the name Panaderia Pantoja. They became famous for their pandesal which they sold for only 5 centavos each then.

Circa 1950. The very first branch of Panaderia Pantoja in Tanauan, Batangas.

The couple handed down the business to their firstborn Arturo, along with the original pugon that they used since they started the company. At present, the third generation of the Pantojas is managing the family business.

After six decades of producing tasty pandesal and other breads which are a hit among their customers (“dabiana”, cheese roll, ensaymada, chocolate cake), Panaderia Pantoja now has 25 branches nationwide and is open to franchising. Their newest branch is located in Kamuning, Quezon City.

THREE GENERATIONS. Celinda Pantoja with Arturo, Anthony and Abraham.


Korina visits a branch of Panaderia Pantoja. Around 20,000 pieces of pandesal are produced each day.


A pair of ballet shoes handed to Kathryn Bernardo by her sister.


Kathryn and her sister used these jazz shoes during their first dance recitals.


Julia Montes points to the ring she inherited from her Lola Flory.


Julia shares that she will hand over this ring to her future daughter.


The diamond ring and earrings given to Toni by her Mommy Pinty.


Toni wears the diamond ring, which she says she will someday confer to her daughter, too.


One of the happy moments of Joel Cruz with his dad when he was still alive.


Joel Cruz’ treasure from his father.


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