Do 'segunda mano' items bring bad luck?


Posted at Aug 10 2013 01:57 AM | Updated as of Aug 31 2013 10:26 AM

MANILA -- "Segunda mano" or second-hand items are said to bring bad luck.

In an interview with ABS-CBN's "Hiwaga" aired on Friday, Rosalie Manansala recalled the time her husband bought an antique table from their neighbor, Mila.

Mila sold the table, which was still on good condition, for only P500.

Little did the Manansala family knew that the table would bring them misery.

"Di nawawalan ng sakit yung mga anak ko," Manansala said.

She also recalled a time that immediately after her son played around the table, itchy rashes appeared on the boy's skin.

She then decided to seek the help of an "albularyo" or a faith healer, who told her: "Sa loob ng bahay niyo may nasagi siya."

Not long after that, Manansala recalled seeing a ghost of a man under their table, which prompted her to have their house, including the table, blessed.

But the mysteries did not stop there. The night after the house blessing, her leg became so swollen that she again decided to seek help from the albularyo.

The healer told her that a spirit inflicted pain on her. "Nasaktan daw kasi ng holy water," she said.

Master Tom, a paranormal expert, explained why the family of Manansala was experiencing such things.

"Kasi ang lamesang ito ay isa sa tinatawag nating pamana na hindi dapat binenta... Siguro hindi nakapagpaalan [si Mila] sa kanyang yumaong asawa na...ibibigay niya sa iba [ang mesa]," Tom said.

He conducted a ritual in Manansala's house and talked to the spirit of Mila's husband and asked him to leave the family.

Tom then gave a piece of advice to people who buy second-hand goods.

"Kailangan kung ipapasok mo yan sa bahay mo, buhusan mo ng tubig. Pagbibigay pugay kasi yun eh sa mga spiritual na lumisan na," he said.

Hiwaga, ABS-CBN, August 9, 2013