Failon Ngayon: Sex slaves

By Santino Honasan, Multimedia producer, Failon Ngayon

Posted at Aug 08 2011 10:00 AM | Updated as of Aug 10 2011 10:39 PM

"Dianne" and "Lalaine" both became pregnant as a result of sexual abuse.

During a person’s early teen years, they begin to experience a lot of things and many of these begin to define who and what they’ll become when they grow up.

During the early teen years, people are still enjoying some of the things that they did when they were kids but are also being introduced to new interests and experiences that they’ll be encountering while they are teenagers. Once a teen reaches 15 or 16 years old, that’s when they begin to enjoy their youth.

Mothers at an early age

15 year old "Dianne" is 5 months pregnant.

At 15 years old, “Dianne” is already 5 months pregnant. What’s more unfortunate is that her pregnancy was the result of the repeated sexual abuse that she experience from her neighbor, a 40 year old family man named Rommel Alfonso.

February of 2011, Dianne was alone at a computer shop when Rommel stormed in, forced her into a room and proceeded to violate her. After the incident, Rommel threatened to kill Dianne’s family if she told anyone what happened. The fear prevented Dianne from saying anything to her family, but the effects of the incident was already visible in Dianne.

Two days later, Rommel was able to abduct Dianne and take her to Cabiao, Nueva Ecija, where she was treated as a sex slave, to be used by Rommel when he pleases. Rommel would get drunk and abuse Dianne on a daily basis and Dianne could not escape because the doors had been padlocked.

Back at home, Dianne’s mother could only hope that her daughter would come back home soon.

According to Dianne, she was transferred to Cabanatuan when Rommel’s wife decided to visit him in Cabiao. There, she was once again treated like a sex slave.

Finally, after almost a month of being abused, Dianne was sent home by Rommel, but he again warned her not to say anything or he would kill her family. Again, feat took over Dianne and she remained quiet.

According to her mother, Dianne’s personality changed after the month-long absence. Dianne became fearful of people and would often cry and ignore her mother. One time, Dianne even attempted to take her own life.

It was only when Dianne’s stomach started to grow that her mother had her checked up and found out that she was pregnant.

SUSPECT: 40 year old Rommel Alfonso.

FAILON NGAYON accompanied Dianne to the OB-GYN to have her baby checked up. According to Dr. Camille Abaya, the baby’s heartbeat is fine, but Dianne needs to have a regular pre-natal checkup. Thanks to the generous people who were able to hear of Dianne’s situation on DZMM, even her childbirth will be helped by our kind-hearted brothers and sisters.

With the help of the DSWD, Dianne was also given legal assistance for her case against Rommel Alfonso.

Currently, Alfonso is at large and his location is unknown. Back in 2007, 13 year old “Lalaine” was also sexually abused and it resulted in her getting pregnant and giving birth. The culprit was 62 year old Florentino “Semboy” De Guzman and a former Barangay Kagawad in Batangas.

"Lalaine" and her 3 year old daughter.

Semboy De Guzman was the husband of Lalaine’s aunt and their daughter was Lalaine’s classmate.

Much like Dianne, Lalaine kept what happened to herself for fear of the repercussions that could arise. Her parents only found out that she was pregnant when she had a checkup. In 2008, Lalaine was already in 2nd year high school but had to stop in order to give birth. Lalaine was only 14 years old at the time.

With the help of FAILON NGAYON, Lalaine was able to enrol in time and is now back in school.

"Lalaine" is now studying again and is in 2nd year High School

Currently, De Guzman is in the custody of the Balayan Police Station. He was scheduled to be transferred to the Batangas Provincial Jail last July 23.

The risks

Most of the time, teenagers who become pregnant because of abuse would rather not speak of what happened because they are mainly ashamed of it and the consequences. They tend to have withdrawn behavior they isolate themselves from other people. Their grades also tend to suffer and experience severe changes in emotions including extreme fear, sadness or depression, and neediness.

Aside from the obvious mental and emotional effects that rape and pregnancy because of rape can bring, there are also several physical risks that a teen can go through while pregnant and while giving birth.

For one, a teenager’s body is not designed to carry and give birth to a child. A teenager’s pelvis as well as the passageways for the baby are not yet mature enough and are therefore still too small and can cause difficulty for both parent and mother. Aside from that, pregnant teenagers are also prone to hypertension as well as diabetes.

While Dianne and Lalaine continue to live on, the experiences that they missed out on during their youth will be something that they may never get back.

“Sex Slave” aired on Saturday, July 23, 2011

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