UST: Keeping a gold standard in Philippine college athletics

By Jasmine Perez, Multimedia Producer, Sports Unlimited

Posted at Jul 23 2012 09:28 AM | Updated as of Jul 29 2012 02:10 AM

The University of Santo Tomas has garnered the most number of over-all championship titles in the history of the prestigious University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP), with 53 titles in the juniors' and seniors' division.

They have been undefeated since 2006 and they are definitely determined to hold on to their title. To keep that golden athletic tradition alive, UST has built a brand new sports complex not only for their prized athletes, but for the general student population as well.

The brand new basketball court can accommodate more than five thousand spectators. Dyan and Marc hardly know a thing about basketball but they gave it a shot. After all, it is not everyday that they get to play in an awesome court like this.

They caught the UST senior varsity team in intense training. The court is hallowed grounds for these athletes. Once they get inside, they are all business. Their team is led by two Jerics-- team captain Jeric Fortuna and co-captain Jeric Teng.

Dyan and Marc went to the court's ground floor, where they were greeted with the din of excited students getting ready for their different physical education classes.

They entered the judo room, also known as the dojo. The UST judokas are the reigning UAAP team champs in both the women's and men's division.

Sports Unlimited hosts Marc Nelson and Dyan Castillejo with the judokas of UST

From the dojo, they went to the dance studio. A folk dance class was in progress so Dyan and Marc took the opportunity to learn a bit from their instructor. They joined the ranks of the students to learn the basic steps in folk dancing.

They moved down to the badminton hall, where they caught the students in serious training.

Near the entrance of the sports complex is the multi-purpose court, where Marc found a class learning korfball. It was the first time he heard of that sport so Marc got a lesson in what the sport is all about.

Korf means "basket" in Dutch. The basket is 3.5 meters high - a bit challenging for the vertically challenged. What was interesting about the sport was that both men and women play together in a team. Each squad must be composed of four male and four female members.

Sports Unlimited hosts Marc Nelson and Dyan Castillejo with UST Growling Tigers cager Jeric Teng

The young budding athletes are really proud of their new gym. The brand new facilities make them look forward to going to PE class, and more excited for the UAAP season!

Air Date: July 30, 2012