Dr. Amy Dy to cancer patients: 'You can hug me'

By Nadine Leoncio, Multimedia Producer, Ako ang Simula

Posted at Jul 23 2012 09:57 AM | Updated as of Jul 26 2012 02:11 AM

Dr. Amy Dy, Pediatric Oncologist

A lot of cancer patients lose hope even at an early stage of their disease. They isolate themselves, thinking that death is the only thing that awaits them. But for Dr. Amy Dy, there is hope amid the dreadful effects of cancer.

Dy is a devoted Pediatric Oncologist. Her passion to help is not confined within the walls of the hospital.

In 2005, she started the “Cancer Treatment and Support Foundation” to give hope to children with cancer. Together with her husband, Dr. David Dy, they looked for donors willing to help their patients receive treatment.

Chemotherapies were subsidized and medicines were made available for a lower price. To this date, their foundation has helped help 2,000 children.

One of the foundation’s projects is the “You Can Hug Me” program, which aims to spread awareness that cancer is not contagious.

Dy’s cancer patients can freely interact with other people and of course, hug them. She hopes that people will not ostracize children with cancer and instead make them feel loved.

Welvy Alipo is a 10-year old cancer patient who is struggling to find means for his next chemotherapy. His parents are both jobless and have already sold their properties. Plagued with Erwing’s sarcoma, his family continues to fight for his life.

Dy is determined to help Welvy and the other cancer patients. She will do anything to save them. But the problem is that her foundation lacks funds.

Ako ang Simula thus sought the help of the Philippine Cancer Society. Now, Welvy can continue his chemotherapy sessions. The boy and his family are beyond grateful. They again have hope that Welvy can get well.

Dy continues to encourage people to help, knowing that there are more lives to save. For her, helping does not always have to be grand. Even the simplest way of helping can touch the heart of someone who is already on the brink of giving up.

Air Date: July 18