Matanglawin: Superheroes!

By Grace Sucgang, Multimedia Producer, Matanglawin

Posted at Jul 19 2012 08:22 PM | Updated as of Jul 20 2012 04:22 AM

Superheroes, unite!

If Kuya Kim had a super power, what would it be?
Animal intuition? Super knowledge? Telekinesis? Weather manipulation?

Whatever it may be, for sure he’ll still be Matanglawin’s Trivia King. So when Earth’s mightiest superheroes decided to drop by, he was the first one to get to the nitty-gritty on the Avengers, a Transformer and the one and only Pinoy Superman!

But what makes the Avengers so special, aside from having a cartoon adaptation that aired before Matanglawin? To date, the movie adaptation has raked in more than a billion dollars from theaters worldwide which makes it the movie with the most revenue in the year 2012.

Created by Stan Lee, the man behind a lot of other Marvel characters, the early Avengers included Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, the Incredible Hulk, Ant Man and Wasp. But due to their superhero schedules, only the first three were able to make it to the show, plus the secret agent Black Widow.

Being a fan of all critters, Kuya Kim was quick to point out that the spider whom the strong-willed character was named after is also one of the deadliest in North America. Its venom is actually 15 times more powerful than that of a rattlesnake. Not only does it store fast-acting venom, the females of its kind are also famous for eating their mates after they get pregnant.

The hero next on the list doesn’t use poison as his weapon, but he sure packs a wallop by using his shield and super strength. Did you know that the actor who played Captain America, or Chris Evans, also played another Marvel character in the Fantastic Four? He's none other than the Human Torch!

Another Avenger who has a super power is the mighty Thor, named after the Norse god of Thunder whose name is also the basis of the name of the fifth day of the week: Thursday.

An Avenger who, as a person, has no special abilities aside from having an artificial heart and being super rich, is Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man. However, most Marvel characters pale in comparison to him because according to Forbes’ list of richest fictional characters, he’s fifth out of 15 and is worth a whopping US$9.3 billion! Woah!

If he were real, he could really help Michael Silva (whose favorite is Bumblebee, by the way) and his group, the National Cosplayers of the Philippines, who cosplay for a cause. Whenever they have photo shoots or similar fundraising events, they use what they collect to buy school supplies for kids and launch feeding programs.

Now those are real superheroes!

When it comes to being a super hero lookalike, Herbert Chavez takes being close to the real deal seriously. After all, he has already spent close to P300,000 for 12 medical procedures just to make his face and body like Superman’s! Herbert has always been a fan and it’s evident from his huge Superman collection, but come 1995, he decided to resort to measures to look exactly like his idol.

What exactly makes a superhero? After an on-air dance showdown with Captain America and a bit of sight-seeing at Yab Designs which showcases around 5,000 realistic figures, Lawinman a.k.a Teddy Corpuz in real life, discovered how superheroes can be made...out of fiberglass, that is.

With help from Mang Adonis and Mang Rick, Lawinman got to know the secret to making a gigantic head out of fiberglass, using the vocalist from the band Rocksteddy as his model.

The Higante Makers Sculpture Society makes it look easy. After all, they have been making fiberglass sculptures for a long time and showcase their works every November 22 during the Higantes Festival in Angono, Rizal.

Step one involves mashing up clay from termite mounds or the famous “punso.” But if clay isn’t your thing, you can also use plaster of Paris which is made of gypsum. It’s soaked for almost three hours in water then molded, after which paper is used to strengthen the figure. Fiber mat and resin are added to make the figure stronger because fiber glass is actually stronger than sheet metal…and non-flammable and non-corrosive too!

When the mold has set, it’s removed and more resin is “painted” on and some repairs are made before the figure is smoothed out for painting. Lawinman's final product? A huge Rocksteddy head!

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Air date: May 27, 2012