Matanglawin: Pranks!

By Grace Sucgang, Multimedia Producer, Matanglawin

Posted at Jul 19 2012 07:13 PM | Updated as of Jul 20 2012 03:13 AM

Although it was practically the middle of May, Kuya Kim thought to himself: why can’t we make it like it’s another April Fool’s Day?

And with guest host Melai Cantiveros to help him out with some laughs, rest assured that Matanglawin’s pranks were all in the bag!

After all, Filipinos are known to enjoy a good joke. But what can Kuya Kim and Melai do that hasn’t been done in Matanglawin history?

Kuya Kim took the first turn and looked for some of his friends, because word had it, they had moves that would surely surprise. Not only that, they probably showcased some of Kuya Kim’s dance moves when he joined them in their Flash Mob dance!

What is a Flash Mob? Coined by Harper Magazine editor Bill Wasik on June 3, 2003 when it first occurred at Macy’s Department Store in New York, a "Flash Mob" is a group of people suddenly doing an activity in an unlikely place and time and dispersing just as quickly as they arrived.

In the first Flash Mob, about 130 people suddenly barged into Macy's and gathered around a huge rug they supposedly wanted to buy for their group, which they called a “love rug”.

In the Philippines, Flash Mobs are also done by people who want to push an advocacy.

The group Kuya Kim looked for is called Thrill the World Philippines. The Trivia King expected no less because the group members pride themselves as fans of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

So what happened when Kuya Kim found the group and approached them? Cue Matanglawin music and everybody started dancing in unison, including Kuya Kim!

Once the Flash Mob danceathon was done, Kuya Kim got into the Matanglawin staff vehicle for a quick clothing change for his next prank, or rather, social experiment.

But before he continued, he checked on his assistant prankster to make sure that she got changed as well, for her gig as a taong grasa!

Melai the Prinsesa ng Masa was turned into a bona fide taong grasa. But she was all game for it, and even strutted her stuff (and surprises) to big names in the industry including Miss Universe 3rd Runner up Shamcey Supsup, Kabayan Noli de Castro and Ted Failon.

Melai and Shamcey Supsup, who will be the next top model?

She soon found out that approaching people dressed as a taong grasa was not as easy as she thought it would be. For one, it was hard not to laugh when people reacted as though Melai were the dirtiest thing on the planet.

You could have fooled him, Melai, if only you didn’t do
his Teeeveee Patrol!

Second, it took a lot of walking under the sun, begging and nearly getting smacked by some bystander, before the Matanglawin crew was satisfied by Melai’s performance.

Meanwhile, Kuya Kim completed his makeover and boarded a special jeepney rigged for Matanglawin’s special social experiment.

The goal of the experiment was to see how people would react to “Lance,” who would surprise others into repeating the silly actions that he did.

Who knows, Kuya Kim may be sitting next to you!

The first passenger did as he was told, even though it involved dancing. The second one was a bit camera conscious as he noticed the hidden cameras and even straightened his hair! The third one proved a Filipino tradition that states that you can pull pranks on your peers but not on your elders. Mommy was so surprised that she could hardly breathe and only realized that it was a prank after a long while.

These only go to show that a major factor of pulling a good prank and getting a good laugh out of your audience is the element of surprise.

The group WASAK knows this full well and uses this technique to create videos that they will post online.

One of WASAK's famous performances include a man swimming and “doing laps” and even getting a cramp in a kiddie inflatable pool in the middle of the street. For Matanglawin though, WASAK did a duo act where a boxer in training suddenly bumps into a “Muay Thai expert “ in the market. Of course, a friendly and well-rehearsed brawl will ensue but if you were there, chances are, you would have been one of the surprised and even panicked bystanders!

Just be warned though, that when you pull pranks like these, you should be ready for possible consequences. It’s good to laugh, hopefully as much as children who laugh around 300 times compared to an adult’s 50, as long as you don’t hurt anybody.

Do you know any good jokes or pranks?

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Air date: May 20, 2012