Salamat Dok: Must-knows in hospital confinement

By Gerald Belandres, MD, Salamat Dok Contributor

Posted at May 16 2014 05:29 PM | Updated as of May 17 2014 01:29 AM

Illness is no laughing matter, and it becomes even more serious when a person has to stay in hospital in order to get well.

There are many things that have to be considered when a person has to be hospitalized for several days for evaluation and treatment.


Money is vital in hospital confinement. It is expensive to stay in hospital, as facilities have to follow treatment protocol. Medicines have to be bought, and there are other fees that have to be paid as well.

Doctors often do not advise hospital confinement unless it is needed. Thus, if finances are a constraint, it may have to be necessary to raise funds.


If hospital gowns will not be provided, it is advisable for patients to wear comfortable, loose clothing while they are in hospital. This is so it will be easier for them to move around.

It is best to wear clothes made of cotton fabric.

Discount card

Discount cards are very important, as hospital stays can become very expensive. Valid cards include those from private medical institutions, including those issued by companies as part of their employees' benefits, as well as Philhealth.

Those with disability, and senior citizen cards are also given discounts.

These cards can be presented to the hospital's billing section upon payment, as well as when medicines are purchased from drug stores or pharmacies.


It is important to bring supplies to the hospital if a person is to be confined, as it may be difficult to buy food and other basic needs.

It may be advisable to bring a jug of water, utensils (the patient has to have a separate spoon, fork, plate and cup), ready to eat food such as bread and biscuits, coffee or tea for the patient's companions, tissue and hand towels, detergent for washing towels and small articles of clothing if needed, disinfectant, shampoo and soap, and used plastic bags for trash.

It would also be good to bring a fully-charged cellular phone, plus a charger, to make it easy to contact family and friends.

Reliable companion

Someone who has to be confined in hospital has to have a reliable companion to assist them when needed.

Companions must be focused and not easily distracted, so that they will be able to understand and carry out instructions given by the doctor and hospital staff. They must learn to ask why procedures should be done, and if there are less expensive alternatives.

They must also be able to stay calm, so patients will not become stressed or depressed.

Diseases, especially those which last a long time and require a prolonged hospital stay, can lead to unstable finances.

The expenses for confinement and the maintenance medications become burdens which affect the body, mind and emotions.

Despite the odds, however, when our loved ones get well, it all can be worth the money, time and effort. – Multimedia Producer: Yam dela Cruz

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