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Life’s obstacles are inevitable to a man’s life. But each one of us has a different way of facing it. Problems turn into pains; and it can either weaken or strengthen a person depending on his faith.

Tina said, “There are times when we stumble and make mistakes, but faith in God is the only thing that we need to get us through life’s problems. In the end, only God will save us.”
A story of healing

Find hope in the story of Carlo Sarmiento, whose cancer diagnosis has not only knocked down his body but also greatly affected his family.

Carlo has been battling Nasopharyngeal Cancer or cancer of the throat for two years now. He has gotten worse due to the complications, blinding both of his eyes and deafening his ears to some extent.

His wife Josie now serves as both mother and father to their three children. Their oldest child, Jessica, has stopped going to school because they could no longer afford it. Josie strives to provide for the whole family as she looks for ways to pay for her husband’s medications.

Josie admitted that there have been times when Carlo already wanted to give up as he believes that he is more of a burden rather than a father and husband. She also confessed that there have also been moments when she felt so hopeless that she did not know how to deal with their problems any longer. But whenever she would think of the pain her husband is suffering from, she knows that she would continue to love and take care of him, for better or for worse.

With the help of Madre de Amor Hospice Foundation, the Sarmiento family has accepted and coped with its breadwinner’s disease. They are able to endure tough times by devoting prayers to God.

Madre de Amor believes that in times of crisis, nothing else should be strengthened but our relationship with The Creator. The women of Madre de Amor started their mission in 1994 and have helped many families cope with their problems. The foundation chooses no religion or patients; they visit to pray and counsel each family that welcomes them.

As of present, there are 50 volunteers under Madre de Amor Hospice Foundation.

A story of repentance

In the special Holy Week episode, Tina also got to know Pastor Ricardo Manlapaz, an infamous criminal in the 90s who refused to believe in God.

At just 14 years old, Ricardo joined gangs and took part in hold ups and carnapping operations. Because of his notoriety among his fellow delinquents, he was later on called “Boy Bonus”. He has been in and out of the city jail for various offenses.

Later on, Ricardo became a hired killer. He received many death threats because of this job. He remained ruthless and fearless until a fatal shot almost brought him to death.

Ricardo did not want to die. A sudden metanoia prompted him to call on God to ask for another chance.
“At that time, I told God, ‘if you were true, give me another chance to live, and I will dedicate my life to serve you’.”

For 16 years now, Pastor Ricardo has been serving the Lord by spreading His Word, including prisoners. He is now living a peaceful life as a pastor together with his wife and children.