Sports Unlimited: Wall Climb Extreme


Posted at Mar 05 2012 11:47 AM | Updated as of Mar 08 2012 10:57 PM

It’s time to start making a list of extraordinary things to do this summer. How? This season, Sports Unlimited will show you the perfect destinations for summer 2012.

To start off the long list, Sports Unlimited traveled to Cebu’s highest building, the Crown Regency Hotel. This is the perfect destination for urban adventure, where both adults and kids can experience and brag about the exciting extreme.

Dyan, Matt and Jackie kicked off their urban adventure with sky extreme’s cliff hanger, the world’s first climbing facility on top of a building. The count down to extreme begins at 473 feet off the ground. This wall happens to be on the edge of the building itself. As Matt and Dyan climbed the first thirteen feet, the wall started to angle in a way that can give you the illusion of the building vanishing below you. As Dyan checked Matt out, there was no fear at all on his face, just pure determination to get to the top.

Next step, they had to face the illusion again of the building vanishing below them as they belay themselves back down to their starting point. Matt insisted on doing it himself and with all the safety measures placed in the cliff hanger, he slowly but surely made it down.

Matthew was not satisfied with doing just one set of climb. He insisted on doing it again; but this time, he will be exiting from the top. The cliff hanger is also one of the first climbing facilities that allows its climbers to exit at the top at exactly 507 feet above the ground. For Matt, it did not matter how high he was. What mattered was that he got to climb to the top again!

From the cliff hanger, there was no stopping Matt from climbing up higher. They strapped themselves to the vertex tower. The vertex has a very special safety feature that ensures the climbers won’t accidentally fall down in case they lose their footing while climbing up the steel ladder. This thirty-foot pole is the highest structure on top of Cebu ’s tallest building. More than 600 feet above the ground, Matt and Dyan enjoyed a 360-degree view of the beauty of Cebu. Going down was another challenge but knowing that they were safely strapped to their harness, Matt and Dyan just decided to race down.

Dyan, Jackie and Matt also tried out the world’s first urban zip line that goes from building to building. Dyan’s sister Jackie has always suffered from fear of heights. Matt, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to fly off! With the wind blowing at them while they zipped to the other building at 473 feet in the air and 250 feet across, the look of delight on Matt’s face told Dyan that this zip definitely earned his stamp of approval.

From the tower zip, they headed off to the edge coaster. This is the first of its kind in the world and of course, Matthew again will not be left out from the fun. Rick Cole checked if Matt made the 52-inch minimum height requirement and when Matt got the green light, he quickly asked his aunt Jax to join him for the ride. There was no escaping the edge coaster for Jackie. As she was securely fastened to her seat, there was no turning back from facing her fear of heights.

The edge coaster locks its riders on to a rail seat that goes around the edge of the building. It gives its riders the chance of looking at Cebu from a whole new extreme perspective. High on top of the 38th floor, Matt tried to show Jax the beautiful Cebu land and seascape. Matthew wanted to bring it to the extreme edge and tilted their rail seat 55 degrees to his aunt’s horror! But like a true gentleman, Matt brought it back down.

From the look on Jackie’s face, she was clearly feeling all of 130.80 meters of space between her and the ground. As soon as they got back, Jax couldn’t wait to jump out.

Matthew requested for another round on the edge coaster, this time with Dyan so he can tip the rail seat as high as he can for as long as he can.

From extreme adventure, Crown Regency also boasts of its extreme 50’s collection displayed in all their historic glory at the 50’s diner. Getting inside the diner is like going back in time, from classic 50’s diner food to all the astonishing collectibles of 40’s and 50’s memorabilia. This is a great place to enjoy the great music and the great food. A trip here is definitely the best way to cap your extreme sky adventure!