Engkwentro: A jealous friend

By Nathalie Blanco, Multimedia Producer, Engkwentro

Posted at Feb 26 2013 05:53 PM | Updated as of Feb 27 2013 01:53 AM

Reenactment: Cynthia, Benjie and Arcenia

In this episode of Engkwentro, Karen Davila examines a bizarre situation in which a woman named Arcenia is trying to ruin her former best friend Cynthia’s upcoming wedding. The two are believed to be caught in a love triangle.

Cynthia, a 50-year old widow, found her second chance at love when she met Benjie. He was the pastor of the ministry she joined due to her friend Arcenia's encouragement.

Benjie, being a widower himself, did not expect to love again. But when he met Cynthia, he found himself instantly drawn to her. Eventually, their friendship blossomed into romance.

The new couple hoped that all of their friends at the ministry would support their relationship. To their surprise, Arcenia became the sole person against it, opposing the 'hasty' pairing of the two especially when Benjie proposed marriage to Cynthia.

Relentless gossiping

Rumors spread about Cynthia and Benjie "getting it on" in the prayer room of their pastoral house. Cynthia believed that Arcenia was the culprit behind the malicious chatter.

However, it was Arcenia who filed a complaint against Cynthia at their barangay office. According to Arcenia, Cynthia  spread gossip that she and Benjie spent two nights together.

She said that the rumor hurt her marriage and that it affected her husband immensely.

Stopping the wedding

While Cynthia and Benjie were preparing for their nuptials, they were shocked to find out that they were being summoned to their barangay hall to attend a hearing that Arcenia scheduled on the exact day and hour of their wedding.

Benjie and Cynthia being interviewed by Karen Davila

The couple was incredulous, but decided against postponing their ceremony. They refused to attend the initial hearing personally planned by Cynthia’s former best friend. They did not want to end up spending their wedding day in the barangay hall.

No happy ending?

A week after Cynthia and Benjie’s wedding, the couple faced Arcenia in the barangay to resolve their issues.

Arcenia denied that she wanted to stop the wedding but questioned Benjie about his desire to marry Cynthia despite knowing her for less than a year.

Cynthia accused Arcenia of being "bitter" about her and Benjie's relationship. She also said the charges Arcenia filed, blaming her for defamation, were all made up.

Nevertheless, both Cynthia and Benjie hoped to settle their disputes that day so they could finally live happily as newlyweds. However, Arcenia insisted that they should schedule another hearing so she could bring her husband with her.

Unfortunately, on the day of their third hearing, neither of the two former friends' husbands were able to attend.

The Lupon ng Barangay  insisted on pushing through with a one-on-one dialogue but once again, Arcenia's pride got in the way of a resolution.

As of the program's airing, both parties had yet to settle their conflict.

Aired on February 12, 2013