Jacque Manabat's Ronda Patrol


Posted at Feb 24 2012 12:14 PM | Updated as of Feb 24 2012 08:17 PM

At night, when everyone is asleep, criminals roam. Thus, the Philippine National Police (PNP) has called for Filipinos to be vigilant in fighting crime, especially in big cities. But in the metro where population is high, there are too few police officers to effectively scour the streets of criminals.

The ratio of police officers to citizens should be one for every 500, but in reality, there is only one police officer for every 600 people. To address the deficit, law enforcers build police stations and barangay outposts in strategic places where they can be easily seen and reached.
The PNP recently released statistics revealing an 18,000 crime incidence in Metro Manila for 2012. The crime rate has gone down since last year, but this doesn’t mean that Filipinos can lower their defenses. Crimes, said the PNP, usually happen when people least expect, or when most are asleep.

According to Police Chief Superintendent Agrimero Cruz Jr., PNP Spokesman, crimes happen deep into the night because criminals can easily hide in the dark, making it easy for them to get away from authorities. Thus, he advised that people should be more careful and mindful during the night.
Patrol ng Pilipino roamed the city at night for a week and documented different cases as well as the stories of the people behind them—police officers, scene of the crime operatives (SOCO), victims and their family members, suspects and bystanders.

Join Jacque Manabat in her Ronda Patrol and get a glimpse of those who lurk in the night.