Engkwentro: A price to pay

By Nathalie Blanco, Multimedia Producer, Engkwentro (Pinoy True Stories)

Posted at Feb 14 2013 05:47 PM | Updated as of Feb 15 2013 01:47 AM

Karen Davila examines one of the many personal debt cases filed and tried in barangay courts everyday. Seven months after borrowing P5,000 from Lydia, Bimboy has yet to settle his debt in full. But Lydia cannot get a hold of him anymore. Will Bimboy face his responsibility?

Lydia Alcovindas-Salvador prioritizes her daughters' education above all

Lydia Alcovindas-Salvador was a smart housewife, especially when it came to handling her family’s finances. She knew what to prioritize and planned ahead. Everyday, she budgeted P400 from her husband’s salary as an on-call driver for their expenses.

Both husband and wife were frugal in spending their hard-earned money and were able to send their two daughters to school.

Their children were still in elementary school but the following year, their eldest would start high school.

Sum of money

Karen Davila looked into the case filed by Lydia against Bimboy Orquiales, who borrowed P5,000 from her in July last year. Bimboy only managed to cough up P1,000 and has since gone into hiding.

Biboy left Lydia worse off for failing to settle the full balance of his debt in due time, which resulted in Lydia missing the deadline for early payment of her children's discounted enrollment fees in December.

If Bimboy returned their money, Lydia would only have had to pay P15,000 instead of P19,000. She planned to use the remaining P4,000 for her daughters’ school supplies.

However, not only did she miss the early enrollment, Lydia was also worried that she would not make it to the regular enrollment schedule.

Lydia and her husband did not want to borrow money themselves because they knew they could not afford to pay the money back in time.

While Lydia’s husband struggled to make ends meet, Bimboy allegedly got hooked on gambling, which was why he could not pay his debt on time.

Tired of waiting for Bimboy to show up and repay them, Lydia and her husband took their problem to the barangay hall.

Confrontation and resolution
On January 4, 2013 Lydia and her husband were early for their scheduled hearing. But after hours of patiently waiting, Bimboy did not show up.

Lydia and her husband waiting for their turn in the Barangay Hall

With the help of the barangay public safety officers, the producers sought Bimboy and found him in his home. He was convinced to attend the hearing.

Bimboy claimed that he did not hide from Lydia and that the only time he gambled was during a funeral.

He then agreed to pay Lydia P100 every day starting the week after their hearing.

Aired on January 15, 2013