Engkwentro: A mix of alcohol and jealousy

By Nathalie Blanco, Multimedia Producer, Engkwentro (Pinoy True Stories)

Posted at Feb 13 2013 04:44 PM | Updated as of Feb 16 2013 02:19 AM

A night of celebration and alcohol turns a silent, unsuspecting housewife into a fearless woman when her husband’s childhood friend suddenly lashes out at her. Is there a love triangle or was it only alcohol kicking in?


Louisa and Jason Amacio had been married for seven years. They were blessed with two young children. Because of Jason's job as a truck driver, the family decided to settle in Port Area, Manila.

Analyn Abellana, Jason’s childhood friend from Cebu also lived in the same community.

One night, Jason went to drink with his friends at a birthday party. Analyn also came to celebrate. At around eight o’clock in the evening, Luisa came to fetch her husband because he had to work early the next day.

Different versions

Jason and Luisa Amancio with Karen Davila

According to Luisa, when Jason saw her approaching, he stopped drinking and told his companions that he had to leave. When they went outside, Analyn followed them.

Luisa did not find it strange that Analyn also left the party, but when she followed them to their home and started to throw offensive words at her, she could not help but respond.

Suddenly, Analyn grabbed her hair and dragged her outside their house, where they exchanged physical blows. Luisa said she received multiple physical injuries from the attack.

Analyn Abellana

According to Analyn, the catfight did not happen the way Luisa said it did. She said that when Luisa came to the party, she and Jason had an argument.

Analyn said she stepped outside to join her other friends. But while she admitted that she did say offensive words, she insisted they were not directed at Luisa but at someone else.

Nevertheless, according to Analyn, Luisa reacted violently and unexpectedly accused her of having an affair with her husband, which Analyn fervently denied. She also said that while Luisa sustained injuries because of her, she only acted in self defense.

Confrontation in the barangay office

Luisa filed Trespassing and Physical Injury charges against Analyn in their barangay. Both parties were adamant in settling their dispute but after four exhausting hearings, the officers of Barangay 650 were finally able to convince Analyn to apologize to Luisa.

Luisa also decided to withdraw the cases she was planning to bring to court on the condition that Analyn will no longer come near their home.

Solving marital problems

Karen Davila brought Luisa and Jason to Fr. Nilo Tanalega, a marriage and family counselor, to discuss the couple’s problems and to further strengthen their relationship, which became strained after the incident.

Ways to improve their line of communication were discussed, as well as how to bring back or reinforce trust in their relationship.

Aired on December 18, 2012