Matanglawin: Do you know how to face danger?


Posted at Jan 26 2012 07:27 PM | Updated as of Jan 28 2012 02:25 AM

Kuya Kim keeps his cool when in danger, so it’s best to learn from him what to do during a worst case scenario!


Some brave souls boast that they eat danger for breakfast…but what good will that do when you’re stuck in an overturned vehicle or being chased by wild and possibly rabid dogs?

From snakes to reptiles to conquering his own fear of heights, Kuya Kim knows well that danger isn’t a laughing matter and that a bit of know-how on what to do in such emergencies can go a long way. So when he suddenly found himself driving a different vehicle on his way to work one day and found out that the brakes weren’t properly working, his survival instincts went into overdrive.

Worst Case Scenario 1:

But let’s take a step back before Kuya Kim’s vehicle crashes into a sidewalk, does a topsy-turvy and lets out smoke enough to make anyone in the fire department panic.

 When taking to the streets, everyone knows that defensive driving or safe driving is always better than overtaking and over-speeding. However, knowing the rules doesn’t always mean practicing them, which is why there are almost 1.3 million deaths caused by road accidents yearly. Road casualties are even more widespread with more than twice the number of deaths than malaria.

There is also something called driver’s error where seemingly normal activities such as answering a phone call, sending a text message or putting a CD into the vehicle’s player can be fatal when done while driving. Since these activities require part of the driver’s attention, some details like how far or fast another vehicle is going escape the mind of the driver and lead to accidents.

In Kuya Kim’s case however, despite the fact that he’s narrating all these trivia and driving carefully and following the speed limit, it just so happened that the vehicle’s brakes malfunctioned, sending our Trivia King into a worst case scenario.

 Now what to do when trapped in an upturned car that’s smoking and leaking gas? As Kuya Kim would have it, everyone should be as calm as possible and move slowly towards any exit of the vehicle to avoid being trapped in a burning inferno that could explode anytime because of the leaking fuel. Check if you can move and once out of the vehicle grab your phone to call for help. Crawl slowly away from the flame and fumes. Once again, it’s not a good idea to panic even if you see blood, just remember that the more you panic, the more your heart will pump blood and the more you will bleed.

And what to do when the paramedics or rescue team arrives? Stay still and don’t try to act the hero. What they’ll do is to do a preliminary check for any broken bones especially in the neck area then put on a neck brace.

They’ll also strap you to a stretcher because one never knows how fragile the human body can be after any impact.

Worst Case Scenario 2:

So that wraps up one scenario of vehicular accidents, but what if you decide to just walk and be more environmentally-friendly to save gas?

Don’t count worst case scenarios out just yet because the streets hold not only dangers in the form of muggers and kidnappers, but also attacking dogs!

Yes, you read that right, attacking dogs. According to recent studies, there are at least nine million dogs in the country and one out of three dogs is a stray or homeless. This means that these animals are more likely to be exposed to diseases like rabies.


Rabies is a virus that can be transferred to any mammal usually by biting. It infects the nervous system and targets the brain, and is the cause for aggression and foaming in the mouth by dogs.

However, a dog doesn’t need to be rabid to target you. What does Kuya Kim have to say when it does?

Dogs are pack animals and are fiercely territorial. So the best advice is: back away slowly from their territory. Try to get to higher ground and when the animals are far away, that’s when you get away as fast as you can.

If you can’t get away and they still pursue you as some dogs did when they spotted Kuya Kim, find hard objects that you can protect yourself with, that way, when the dogs lunge in for the kill, they will grab the object with their teeth instead of your neck.

Obstruct their path. Remember the rolling of barrels or smashing of crates on the floor in video games and cartoons? That’s where their usefulness in real life comes in.

Another trick is to distract them by throwing any object away from you. When they chase after it instead, you can flee to safety.

 The worst case scenario here then is if the dogs relentlessly pursue you and manage to corner you. Worse, they drag you down onto the floor. Kuya Kim reminds us once again to keep calm. Ball yourself up with your knees to your chest and your hands protecting your head and face. Avoid moving so that the dogs will finally leave you alone.

And before you panic and think about Kuya Kim’s health after all he has gone through for this episode, the said scenarios above were simulated for the sake of demonstration but the chances of them happening are as real as night and day. As Kuya Kim always says, “maging mapanuri, mapagmatiyag, mapangahas…Matanglawin!”

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