Sports Unlimited: Marc Nelson opens own resort

By Jasmine Perez, Multimedia Producer, Sports Unlimited

Posted at Jan 18 2013 01:59 PM | Updated as of Jan 18 2013 10:01 PM

In Marc Nelson’s 12-year stint on Sports Unlimited, we've seen his passion as an extreme adventurer, a beach lover and a traveler.

A few months ago, Marc finally unveiled the fruit of all his travels and adventures, turned into one beautiful reality.

Marc, our guy on Sports Unlimited, is now the proud owner of a Sports Unlimited kind of playground. Marc’s very own kiteboarding resort, called Bahari Beach Resort, is located 10 minutes away from Boracay Beach, right along the scenic coastline of Union Beach in Nabas, Aklan.

Marc’s kiteboarding beach resort was named after the African word “Bahari,” meaning “beach” and Marc surely knew that this was the best spot to enjoy the bahari.

This paradise is all about you and the beach. It’s near the famous Boracay Beach, but far from the Boracay crowd.

Marc invited Sports Unlimited during the amihan season, the perfect time to enjoy full blasts of wind in Aklan.

Kiters from all around the world have found this secret gem, perfect with excellent wind and water conditions and long strip of coastline to practice speeding kites for veteran kiters and first timers.

Marc has mastered how to make people fall in love with his passion. Even Matthew, Dyan Castillejo's son, was not spared. Marc got the Philippines' number one kiteboarder Ken Nacor to let Matt experience Union Beach the right way.

Matthew wanted to extend Kiteboarding 101 so his "Tito Marc" also gave him and Dyan some lessons to get them started.

Flying a trainer kite is the best way to learn how to kiteboard. It would teach you the basics from reading wind direction and controlling the kite to powering up your upper body.

Kiting may seem easy but wait until you hold a real kite with fantastic 15 knots of wind. You could feel your different muscles working while you try to power the kite.

Marc showed Sports Unlimited what he could do with his playground.

If Marc isn't busy with work, you know where to find him and you know exactly what he’s doing--perfecting new tricks and getting more doses of his extreme hobby!

Even if you’re not a kitesurfer, you can hang out and watch freestylers color the resort's beautiful beach.

Bahari is also an awesome spot for those who just want to chill and enjoy the fresh sea breeze. Marc showed the team inside his second home--a four-room resort overlooking the kiters’ playing field.

Aired on January 12, 2013