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Old dogs retire in comfort in Japan

It is not only the human population that is aging in Japan rapidly, so are their pet dogs.

Supreme Court justice asks first question in decade

He last asked a question on February 22, 2006 in a case concerning the death penalty.

Holy macaroni! New Zealand gets a 'Pastafarian' pastor

New Zealand has officially recognized its first marriage celebrant from the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a pirate-costumed "Pastafarian" who said Tuesday that all were welcome to join the offbeat religion.

War of Kylies: Minogue hits back at Jenner trademark bid

Is there room in the world for more than one famous Kylie?

Bangladesh's 'Tree Man' may need dozen more operations

A Bangladeshi father dubbed "Tree Man" for massive bark-like warts on his hands and feet may need a dozen more operations to remove the growths, a hospital director said Sunday.

True grip: Ukrainian pulls five tramcars with his teeth

LVIV, Ukraine - All it took was a steel cable and a set of very strong front teeth.

Move over, #CarrotMan, Cabbage Man is here

They'd make you want to eat salad the whole week.

Wait, what? Chinese scientists make sperm from mouse stem cells

Using embryonic stem cells from mice, Chinese scientists reported Thursday they have created functioning sperm, which was injected into female mice eggs and resulted in normal, fertile offspring.

WATCH: This new card game is about PH politics

Malapit na ang Halalan 2016. Nagsulputan na rin ang iba-ibang paraan para tulungang magdesisyon ang mga botante. Isa sa latest, ang card game na parang pang-reverse psychology sa mga Pinoy -- ang Politricks.

LOOK: Man with world's largest feet receives welcome gift

Jeison Rodriguez's feet are over 1 foot 3 inches long.