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Garage sale grab turns $200-M Ansel Adams find

LOS ANGELES - An American collector has become an overnight multimillionaire after a set of 65 glass negatives he picked up at a garage sale turned out to be genuine Ansel Adams works, he and his lawyer said Tuesday.

Tiger escapes from trip to the vet

JOHANNESBURG – A 17-month-old tiger escaped from the back of a pick-up truck while it was being driven to a veterinary clinic in South Africa, triggering a helicopter search by police and wildlife experts.

Indian woman fined for seeking divorce on impotence grounds

NEW DELHI – An Indian court has slapped a hefty fine on a woman who cited her husband's sexual impotence as grounds for divorce, a report said Tuesday.

Bear crashes in runaway car

DENVER – A black bear attracted by the smell of a peanut butter sandwich managed to open the door of a car, climb in and got stuck, knocking the gear stick into neutral and sending the car rolling down a slope into trees.

Three Poles in summer shoes rescued in Swiss Alps

GENEVA - Three Polish tourists had to be rescued by helicopter from a Swiss mountain after embarking on a climbing trip wearing only summer shoes and light clothing, police said Monday.

Cloistered French nuns sign record deal

LONDON – A closed order of French nuns have signed an album deal with Universal Music, the record label announced Sunday, after a worldwide search to find the best female singers of Gregorian Chant.

Professional vodka tasters keep Polish tipple pure

POZNAN, Poland – For Poland's army of vodka tasters, the rules are strict: no smoking, no coffee, and no perfume, not to mention to the 6 a.m. starts.

Strongest ever beer served up in dead squirrels

LONDON – The strongest and most expensive beer ever created sold out within hours Friday, a Scottish brewery said, as they courted controversy by packaging the bottles inside the bodies of stuffed animals.

'Darth Vader' strikes NY bank

NEW YORK – The Force was with a man when he robbed a bank wearing a Darth Vader mask and a cape.

Vampires get their teeth into US public

NEW YORK - She loves the taste of blood, hates the sun, and, if you ask, will tell you she died in a train accident back in 1892: meet Seregon O'Dalley, a would-be vampire living in New York.