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Atheists, Jews top religious knowledge survey

DALLAS – They may not believe in God or gods but they know a thing or two about them.

Mayonnaise spill causes highway pile-up in Japan

TOKYO – A load of mayonnaise falling off the back of a lorry in Japan caused an eight-vehicle pile-up, leaving three people injured, police said Monday.

East German upbringing made me a hoarder: Merkel

BERLIN – Twenty years after German unification, Chancellor Angela Merkel said Monday she has found some habits of her communist East German upbringing hard to break, such as stockpiling consumer goods.

Suspected hackers in Chavez's Twitter account

CARACAS – Hackers appear to have broken into the Twitter account of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, according to Interior Minister Tareck El Aissami.

French politician trips up with X-rated economic analysis

PARIS – France's glamorous former justice minister Rachida Dati on Sunday confused oral sex with rising prices as she launched an attack on foreign investment funds.

Superman, Elvis, Princess Di flop at NY auction

NEW YORK – Superman didn't fly, Elvis wasn't king and Princess Diana's star power faded at an auction in New York where dozens of curios from the world of celebrity and entertainment failed to sell.

Scientists look at deodorant for New Zealand's smelly birds

WELLINGTON – Scientists say they are hoping to develop a deodorant for New Zealand's native birds to stop them falling prey to introduced predators.

Canadian aircraft flaps wings and flies

OTTAWA - A Canadian student inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's centuries-old sketches of an ornithopter said Friday he was the first to make a sustained flight in a human-powered, wing-flapping aircraft.

Superman, Houdini, Elvis relics go on auction in NY

NEW YORK - Superman's cape, one of Houdini's props and a garish bracelet once worn by Elvis were among dozens of curios from the world of celebrity and entertainment due to go on sale Friday in New York.

Case of beer lands Vienna police officer with huge fine

VIENNA – A case of beer instead of a fine for a poorly parked car has landed a Vienna police officer a 7,200-euro ($9,600) fine for abuse of authority.