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School distributes yearbook photo of student's penis

An Arizona student who showed his penis in his football team's photograph was arrested briefly after his high school unwittingly sent the image to hundreds of his Phoenix-area classmates as part of its yearbook.

Indonesian villagers 'mistook sex toy for angel'

JAKARTA, Indonesia - Indonesian villagers thought they had been blessed when a beautiful doll turned up on a beach, believing it to be an angel fallen from heaven, only to discover it was an inflatable sex toy.

Boiling water sets off fire alarm in NAIA-1

NAIA's public address system went off after a purported fire was detected in the area on Friday.

Japan's corpse hotels upset some of the neighbours

TOKYO - Tucked away in a quiet residential street in Kawasaki city in Japan is a refurbished workshop with a plain silver exterior and black draped windows that residents describe as creepy.

Japan wants foreign tourists to avoid 'public flatulence'

TOKYO, Japan - A Japanese tourism board has called on foreign tourists to refrain from public "belching or flatulence" in an etiquette guide which was hastily rewritten, reportedly after complaints from a Chinese resident.

Whoa! Spanish scientists create human sperm from skin cells

Scientists in Spain on Thursday claim they had created human sperm from skin cells, a medical feat which could eventually lead to a treatment for infertility.

Gay vulture couple adopts egg in German zoo

BERLIN, Germany - A pair of gay vultures in a German zoo have adopted an egg abandoned by its mother and started to incubate it in a nest they built.

Who nose best? French police asked to 'test' cocaine quality

TOULOUSE, France - A woman was arrested in France Tuesday after she waltzed into a police station, put three bags of cocaine on the counter and asked officers on duty to test its quality.

Hungarian weatherman fired after fart-filled wind forecast

Budapest, Hungary - A Hungarian TV weatherman has been fired after giving a windy forecast some oomph with a range of fart sound effects.

Wayward Madrid dog owners to be made to clean streets

MADRID, Spain - Dog owners in the Spanish capital who do not pick up their pet's mess could be me made to work as street cleaners under a "shock plan" against dog poo unveiled Monday by Madrid city hall.