4 guilt-free splurges you must spend on

MANILA - We are always told by personal finance experts that a budget will help us manage our money. What usually happens after the budget has been are impulse buys that affect the overall budget we just set.

According to the Specialty Realty Report, an impulse spend happens due to two factors: exposure and problem recognition.

This can happen at any level of unbudgeted purchase from that manicure you didn’t plan to get or an unexpected night out with your friends. You could have passed by the salon and felt that you haven’t gotten a manicure in six months.

On the other scenario, it could have been because a friend sent you a text invite while you were stressed with work, hence the much-needed night out.

There’s a way to fit this in your budget and it’s by setting aside an indulgence allowance. This is the guilt-free spending money that you set aside for yourself every time you get your paycheck after all recurring expenses and savings have been accounted for.

If not spent in a month, you can add this to the fund for the next month.

You can read further on how you can spend guilt-free with your indulgence money at MoneyMax.ph.

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