MANILA - Fullerton Markets chief executive officer Mario Singh is a fearless CEO.

The author of the book "Unlocking the World's Largest Financial Secret" believes in having a daring attitude as essential to seizing opportunities.

But he said there's really no big secret to success.

All it takes is to eliminate fear, and take that first brave step in doing anything.

So we asked him where defying his own fear factor has taken him.

He's driven a motorbike in Australia, and gone scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef.

His next big adventure? Hang gliding.

But after all the excitement that both work and recreation may afford him, the Singapore-based CEO is a pretty simple guy, who can have a blast while playing snooker, a version of pool.

Believe it or not, the man who made his mark dreaming big has no bigger dream than being a wonderful dad to his kids, six-year-old Chantelle and four-year-old Elliot, with his wife Shalyn.