Globe: Network upgrade ahead of schedule

by Kathleen A. Martin,

Posted at Feb 06 2013 05:21 PM | Updated as of Feb 07 2013 02:15 AM

MANILA, Philippines - Globe Telecom, Inc. subscribers should already be feeling an improved quality of service from the telco provider as network improvements being done are proceeding ahead of schedule.

"Significant quality improvements are already being realized across all regions and business districts as the company is steadily achieving its promise to deliver superior customer experience," Ernest L. Cu, president and chief executive officer at Globe Telecom, said in a briefing on Wednesday.

In November 2011, Globe Telecom said it will be investing $700 million in a network modernization program and another $90 million for improving its IT infrastructure.

Cu said the first phase of the firm's network upgrade is even proceeding ahead of schedule.

"We're ahead of our planned schedule. We had planned to end the year (2012) with approximately 70% of the network changed out... however, we exceeded that to closely over 88%," Cu said.

"We are very much pleased with the progress of that particular phase of our modernization," he continued, referring to Phase I of the program.

Phase I of the network modernization program involves replacing existing equipment, while the second phase pertains to the rolling out fiber optic cables to expand capacity and improve data speed.

"The third will be completing fiber and fixing up sites to become greener and use less power. Alongside that, Globe will also be improving the coverage," Cu said.

Moreover, the telco will be building additional cell sites across the country to improve network coverage.

"We have planned a few hundred sites this year throughout the country," Cu said.

The three phases are currently being done simultaneously in various locations in the country, Cu noted.

Globe Telecom has set aside $450 million to $500 million for its 2013 capital expenditures, $160 million to $210 million of which will be used for its "transformation initiatives."

The remaining $290 million has been allocated for investments in the firm's fixed line data business, international cable facilities and IT infrastructure.