Toyota to recall 150,000 Tacoma trucks in US

Posted at | Updated as of 11/22/12 6:54 PM

NEW YORK - Toyota Motor Corp. said Wednesday it will recall about 150,000 Tacoma pickup trucks in the United States to correct a problem that can result in the spare tire falling off.

The trucks are from the 2001-2004 model years originally sold or currently registered in 20 cold-weather states and Washington D.C.

The metal lift plate that holds the spare tire assembly underneath the truck bed may not have been sufficiently coated with phosphate, causing it to rust and break, Toyota said.

Toyota will conduct checks for a possible replacement of the spare tire carrier assembly at no charge.

Combined with prolonged exposure to salt used on roads in cold areas, the lack of coating could accelerate corrosion of the plate, causing it to "break and result in detachment of the spare tire from the vehicle," it said.