How stock investing is like shopping

by Cathy Rose A. Garcia,

Posted at Oct 16 2012 02:33 PM | Updated as of Oct 16 2012 10:33 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Ask any woman and they'd probably prefer using their money to shop rather than invest in the stock market.

But author and trader Charmel Delos Santos-Marcial says stock market investing is a lot like shopping. She believes women have an edge when it comes to investing, and is hoping to change women's mindset about stock investments.

In an interview on [email protected], Marcial said women have experiences that can be used in stock market investing.

"Women like to shop. We are actually in charge of the buying decisions or shopping for the family's need. We can compare investing to value investing or looking for bargains. What are the good value stocks? We have a principle in shopping that we look for bargains or value compared to the price," she said.

Women also like following trends, which is useful in the stock market, Marcial said. "We like to observe what is the current trend or what is favorable in the market."

Even in the stock market, women can take advantage of "sales."

"When there are market crashes, everyone is afraid. The good value stocks are also pulled down but they also have the value or performance from the past and growth for the future that would make a good investment. That's why I say women have a lot of edge in trading or investing. we just don't know it," Marcial said.

Most women like low-risk, high-reward investments, so Marcial advises them to start investing in companies that are already making money.

"I prefer blue-chips, companies you already know and the ones you put your money in... Say you like to go shopping: you bring your money to certain malls, so you give your money to them and they become profitable. So what I like to do is to advocate, you already make them grow, so you participate in their shares so you can build your own wealth," Marcial said.

Marcial used her own experiences as a trader and put them together in a blog www.highheeledtraders and a book. Her book "High Heeled Traders" also raises funds for United Nations Women.

Now, she is working with the Philippine Stock Exchange Academy ( on the "Women's Investment Program" to increase women's participation in the stock exchange.